Capital's Nursing Program Schedule

  1. I have a question for those already in the nursing program. What's the schedule like? I cannot seem to find anything definitive about what life will be like in the program. When is class? When is clinical and for how many hours? I need to work full time while in the program, and I am trying to determine if that is going to happen. I hear a lot of people say they do not work, but I cannot take a paycut like that! I plan to work as a CNA during my two years in school. I have finished all my co-reqs so I will just be taking the RN classes only. Right now, I work 40 hours and take an average of 4-7 credits a semester and it works fine; will that be the case in the program? Looking for everyone's honest opinion, is it possible or will I drive myself mad?
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  3. by   HelenaHandbasket
    I'm curious to know as well. I think it's more of a "part-time" schedule and while it's possible to work and attend the program, you might have to cut back your work hours during particularly challenging modules.

    I'm hoping to work as an LPN part-time while in the program as a per-diem nurse which will afford me the flexibility I'll need.
  4. by   mssjez
    I just finished my first year at CCCs nursing program. The schedule is a lot, and it doesn't just include class and clinical. The clinical paperwork easily take 8 hours in entirety for the week, including the clinical journal, med cards, care plan work, etc. Reading ahead, which is really helpful for most of the students can take some time, especially in the spring when you also have to take the pharmacology class online during the semester. Word of advice: TAKE ALL CO-REQS BEFORE THE PROGRAM. The program is time consuming enough without extra courses. If you haven't taken them yet, try to fit them into wintersession or the summer.
    Our schedule was:
    Class - Monday and Friday 9-11 in the morning, with some 3 hour lectures.
    Lab - The first 6 weeks of Semester 1 and first 2 weeks of Semester 2 is learning skills in the lab from 8am-3pm Tues/Wed. (Thurs off)
    Clinical - Times and days can vary depending on site/instructor. There were Tues/Wed, Tues/Thurs, Wed/Thurs, and Sat/Sun days. Instructors took requests for the first semester and volunteers for weekends the second semester. Clinical time was either 7am-2pm or 2pm-9pm.

    All in all you have 19 hours a week in class or clinical, about 8 doing the clinical work for the week, and I'd say another 5 or so doing readings depending on what's assigned for the week. Many in our cohort work during the semester, including myself. It isn't impossible, you just have to be good and time management. I usually work around 30 hours a week, and since I work at a hospital, I'll work the overnight shift when I can because we are allowed to read or do schoolwork during downtime. If you have any other questions feel free to private message me. I'll respond as soon as I can but cannot make any promises after the semester starts