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  1. by   Cardinal23
    Quote from Th0r
    Congrats all around. Good luck next fall maybe see ya at your orientations.
    I was wondering if you knew anything about the clinical options at the BHSN program. Speaking to Ladybug she had mentioned that they may offer a choice between Yale or BHSN. Is this true? and if so, can one choose to do alll clinicals at YALE?
  2. by   benedicth2
    she said that the program was hard but it nursing school so really what do u expect lol but she absolutely loved it. She was the one who actually got me thinking about applying to the program because all she had were positive things to say. She has since then moved to mass and she has a job in a hospital working in the nicu. She didnt get a job right away because she knew she was moving so instead she signed up for an online RN to BSN program to fill time. once she moved out there she got a job fairly quickly. They really liked that she automatically started the BSN program once she graduated so I think that worked to her advantage.
  3. by   Ladybug15
    That's really good to hear! I'm super excited to begin the program, but September seems so far away. Has she given you any good pointers for if you ended up going to BHSN?
  4. by   Purplemajesty33
    Hi Everyone,

    I took the TEAS test with about a hundred people today. As you stated Ladybug it was important to know the life science stuff, I was blown away b/c there was not one A&P question mostly other science stuff about rocks, lol. I asked my fiance why as a nurse that would be important, he said b/c some people have rocks in their head. lol I'm exhausted b/c I was so nervous about the test. Results by Wednesday and then letters 1 to 4 weeks after then.
  5. by   Ladybug15
    I bet you're glad that is behind you now. Did the guidance that I gave on the gen. science stuff help at all? I think I had 2 or 3 AP questions but they were so random.

    You don't get the results immediately? You must have taken a paper version. I took the test via web and received my score immediately after I finished. How do you think you did? You'll have to let us know when you get your score on Wednesday. Fingers crossed for you!!!

    Have you heard from NYU yet? If not, when do you expect to hear? Wow, 1 to 4 weeks is such a wide range. Let's hope for sooner rather than later!
  6. by   Purplemajesty33
    The information general science info was very helpful, I would have been in shock if I wasn't forewarned. I think have of the science part, was general science stuff we learned in 8th grade, I was hoping for more A&P questions, I did study for g.s. but it's kinda hard since that area of science is so broad. I have a feeling that I did good on the test as a whole, but weak in the science area.

    I have my fingers crossed and I think that I'm on the same time frame with both schools in terms of notification. I'll let you know the TEAS score on Wed.
  7. by   Ladybug15
    Quote from Cardinal23
    I was wondering if you knew anything about the clinical options at the BHSN program. Speaking to Ladybug she had mentioned that they may offer a choice between Yale or BHSN. Is this true? and if so, can one choose to do alll clinicals at YALE?
    Cardinal - I just looked over Th0r's first post and realized he had commented on the clinical component. He stated, "Clinical will be held primarily at Bridgeport Hospital although you may also be rotated to either Yale or Griffin for a semester." It is my understanding that you can request to be rotated to Yale; but judging by Th0r's comment, it would only be for a semester.
  8. by   Th0r
    To Cardinal:

    The first two semesters you will not get a choice of where you are placed but once you start NU104 in January you can begin to request where you get to attend clinical. Here are the breakdowns of where you can be placed based on semester:

    Nu101 and 102: Yale, Griffin, Bridgeport
    Nu104: Yale, Griffin, Bridgeport
    Nu105: Waterbury, St. Raphael, Bridgeport, Griffin
    Nu201- Nu205: Ill let you know as I go through them.

    You can also request to stay at those hospitals for other semesters as long as you are able to change clinical instructors. Certain instructors are assigned different areas, and they do not wish to have one student stay with the same instructor for more than 2 semesters. And again this is just a request but they tend to place students for clinical based on your home address. So the closest students get preference.

    Also on another benefit to BHSN over other schools: The economy is tough right now and yes even nursing is experiencing it. Many hospitals are experiencing hiring freezes for new graduate nurses as many retired nurses come back into the field because of others in their families being laid off. They prefer their years of experience to the expense of training a new graduate, and for good financial reason. Last I heard the accelerated class of Bridgeport Hospital in 2010 all got offered positions in Bridgeport Hospital, whereas other colleges and community colleges do not have benefit of being a hospital based program. That being said it is highly more likely to be hired as a new graduate at Bridgeport Hospital if you attended school there as the take their own first along with of course exceptional students from other schools. No one wants to be stuck looking for a job when they have to begin paying off their loans. Speaking of loans the past accelerated graduating class all got the option to sign the two year contract and have their tuition refunded. Not bad especially when it’s very hard to find any sort of signing bonus for new graduates now, the field is certainly not what it was 8 years ago. That being said, once the economy picks up their will be a big rebound and jobs more readily available.
  9. by   Th0r
    to nursstud:

    i haven’t started nor applied to the accelerated program yet. that will be happening shortly, however. if accepted you go straight through from may- december instead of having the summer off and graduating the following may. same amount of semesters accept more days a week and faster pace.

    as for teas, didn’t use a study book so can’t help you there. it took about 2 months for me to hear back after i applied. my study habits are not exactly the norm. i just cram 3 hours the morning before the exam, that’s the best way and most time efficient way for me to study. other students gather in study groups throughout the week and study every day so if that’s your thing than that’s fine. nothing special to the syllabus besides what i have already mentioned in my post.
  10. by   Ladybug15
    Thanks for the info Th0r. I am so glad to hear that they are still offering plenty of jobs upon graduation in addition to the 2 year deal. I hope that doesn't change by the time I'm finished. I hope to do the accelerated, so Dec '11.

    Has BHSN mentioned anything to you guys about the change in the NCLEX this year? I hear they are making it slightly more difficult to pass and that they will be including heart and lung sounds that you have to identify via headphones.
  11. by   Purplemajesty33
    Hi Everyone,

    I got my TEAS results, and it is a 82.5%, pretty good. I got 90% in reading, and in the 70% range for english, science and math. I was surprised with science but I got 100% in scientific reasoning and human body science so I guess that helped. I did good in english except for sentence structure b/c I talk backwards kinda like if you guys know the Spanish language only sometimes . Lastly, the math section was good except for algebra, I'm more of a statistics person. Well, some of the nervousness has subsided, I'll just wait to hear from the school.
  12. by   Ladybug15
    That's a pretty good score purple, nice work! Very similar to my 83.5%. However, my individual scores looked a little different than yours cause i tanked on the math section but did well in all the others. I think you have a good chance at getting in with that score if your other admission criteria is also good. I'm rooting for you! Good luck, and let us know when the letter arrives! If you call the secretary in a week or two, she'll tell you what the status is of your application. I had called only once in the middle of my 3rd week of waiting and was told that my letter was in the mail, which is when I completely freaked out!
  13. by   Purplemajesty33
    I will call the school if I don't hear anything after the first week. So, we have 1-4 weeks for notification. I can only hope for the best now. Talk to you guys soon.