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Hi All, I thought I would start a new topic for those of us who are planning to apply to BHSN's Nursing program for the Fall 2013. I will get things started with my stats (which aren't great...but not too terrible!): ... Read More

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    Wow! Ok. I haven't received anything at all from them...but I can understand your frustration. Especially if you got a letter telling you your application is in review, and then there is nothing after that. Good luck! I hope you get in, NurseKay. Is Bridgeport the only school you applied to, and are they your first choice? Bridgeport is my first choice because it is a hospital-based program, and I've heard nothing but good things about how great the instructors are. Best of luck! I hope you hear from them soon.

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    I actually sent in my completed application (with EVERYTHING) the very first day the application period started in September! LOL! I was prepared! LOL!

    I got a letter in November which gave me the online access code to check my status.

    My status changed to UNDER REVIEW in January and a month later I had my acceptance letter.

    If your application was complete EARLY, they probably had a chance to review it before the influx of applications they receive at the end of the application period.

    I also applied to Gateway's program (as a backup plan) in case I didn't get into BHSN.
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    And for those of you that are able to check your application status online... When they do make a decision, your status will change from "Under Review" to "Decision Letter Sent". Then you just have to wait for your letter.
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    Oops, made a mistake! My status changed in December to "Under Review" and I got my acceptance letter on January 18th.
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    Thanks for the info. I will wait for my letter to come....hopefully soon! Congrats again on getting in. I'm still 'Well Jeal' as the Brits say!!

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    Good luck to all. Someone in my AP2 class just got her letter the other day, so they are moving along getting those letters out.
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    Thanks MarcusPaxton,

    That was very informative, and it made me feel a little bit better. I am still waiting, but my status has said "under review", since JAN 25TH. Iam starting to grow inpatient lol.

    Rosemary's_Baby, when did you apply?

    I also applied to the connecticut community colleges and to springfield. (fingers-crossed)
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    Hey NurseKay2012, you should be hearing shortly. Remember, they get the majority of the applications the last week of the application period. So I am sure they are SUPER busy reviewing.

    How do you feel your application package will do? Are you happy with all your items, GPA, TEAS score, etc?
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    So I recieved my application ID, & temporary password, I kept putting it in the website and it said "invalid ID or password" after 3 tries they lock you out so I went under "forgot user ID or password" I put in my email & they sent me the user name and password to that email. It turned out the paper that they sent me was missing a digit! So I used what they sent to my email & it work. "Application under review". So keep an eye out for the wrong information.
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    Quote from JaRoJoCT
    Hi WannaBNurse23,

    Welcome! I know what you mean about checking the mailbox! I literally stalk my mail lady! Last week...I met her on the sidewalk! front of my neighbors house!!! I couldn't wait for her to get to my front door. Is that pathetic or what? Have you applied to any other programs, if you don't mind me asking?
    Yes I applied to NVCC. Waiting for anything from them too.

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