Applying To Bridgeport Hospital School Of Nursing

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    I would like to know if anyone knows how hard it is to get into the Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing program? Im submitting my application tomorrow and Im really nervous about getting accepted. I know that nursing school is a very challenging. I have a 2 yr old son and a full time day job. Does/did anyone have a similar situation while going through nursing school? How are/did you handle it?

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    I applied to BHSN as well and I am waiting ever so patiently for an answer. Okay who am I kidding? I am sitting on pins and needles. I have never ever been so anxious about anything in my entire life. As for how hard it is to get in, I hear that they accept 100 people out of 700 applicants. I also hear that it is very difficult but manageable if you dedicate yourself to staying on top of assignments etc. from the beginning. Good luck. Post when you get your letter.
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    I feel the same way. Did you get your letter to take the TEAS yet? I got mine. I already took the test last year. I guess my score was alright but Im afraid to take it again and maybe not do as well. So we'll see. I'm going to call the school today to find out if my score is good enough. Do you know anyone that goes to the school or that has been through the school already?
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    I took the test at Norwalk Comm a few weeks ago and i scored in the 90's. Did you order the study manual? It is quite helpful in helping you brush up on those rudimentary skills that you have long forgotten. I am hoping my score is good enough to get me a spot. I work with a girl that went to BHSN prior to implementation of the TEAS requirement. She loved the program. She explained that you are on the nursing floor the very first week of classes, which makes for a great hands on experience. I called the school the other day and was told that they are beginning to send out acceptances letters. I am so anxious. I will post when I hear from them. Perhaps we will cross paths at some point.
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    When did taking the TEAS become a new admission requirement? I've been on their site many, many times the last few months, up to and including today and I haven't see anywhere where it says that you have to take the TEAS. Could someone show me where it is? I don't want to miss any other admission requirements.

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    Hi Pixie,
    If you look at the requirements section it does include the TEAS exam. Once the school has received a completed information packet from you, they send you a letter inviting you to sit for one of their exam dates. Have you applied?
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    I found the part about the TEAS, but its not in the section for the program requirements, its in th section in the application process etc. No matter, I'm not too concerned w/the TEAS.

    No, I haven't applied. I am 3 1/3 months from graduating LPN school. Once I am done with that I am taking some courses, one pre-req (Chem, my chem grade is too old, so I have to redo it). And I'll be doing the LPN-->RN bridge so I have to take an online course and a one or two of the non nursing Level I courses. Since I can't even think about applying until at least for the Fall 09 course, I'll be banging out as many of the non-nursing courses as possible so that all I have to worry about is Level II nursing courses. (since I'll be an LPN I can bypass all the Level I nursing classes.)
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    Excellent!!! Don't take the TEAS exam lightly. I remember saying the same words to every teacher that warned me. "I am not worried about the TEAS". However I am so grateful that I purchased the study guide. I have have recently taken organic chemistry and pre-calculus yet still needed to put in some study time. I would definitely say buy the study guide so that you dont walk in the door unprepared. You will more than likely do very well on all the sections. The math section can be challenging and you can not use a calculator during the test. Good luck with your LPN. I applaud your ambition to immediately progress to an RN.

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    Not sure how true this is but several people I've talked to said that LPN's going into the bridge program don't have to take the TEAS. I guess to get to the truth, I'll call the school myself directly and inquire about it. When I said I wasn't too concerned with the TEAS I didn't mean I thought I would ace it, I just meant it as it wasn't a reason I would change my mind about attending BHSN,

    Thanks. I started RN school back in '86 but due to life circumstances, I had to drop out in my 3rd year . Tried going back several times but again life happened. So here I am 20 years later, starting and working from scratch again..all my credits were WAY too old. Thankfully, I tried yet again to bang out some pre-reqs a few yrs back, and they are core courses that all schools want (psych, english, etc).
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    Well congratulations on your perserverance. I will be rooting for you this time. Here's hoping you don't have to take the exam. If you call the school ask for the admissions coordinator Yolanda Torres. She is great and really takes the time to answer all your questions.

    Again, Good Luck.

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