Anyone from NVCC?

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    I am a pre-nursing (damn prereq's) at NVCC. I will be applying at the end of this year for the '07 program. Just took my NLN and got a 91 in the Verbal: yea me!

    If anyone needs some pointers for the NLN let me know. Starting A&P tomorrow morning and I am stressed about it.

    Just looking around for future classmates.

    Good luck this semester,

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    This is a very late post but I am a student at NVCC and have been accepted in the program for this fall. Hope A+P is going well. I am finishing up A+P II.
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    Hey there guys!
    I am a freshman <almost senior> at NVCC in the nursing program!! Email meif you need any info
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    Started certifying as a doula but got sidetracked when a friend of mine started her own business.
    Since then, she talked retail so it scared me into pursuing a dream I had long forgotten- medicine.
    Almost done with this semester. Have Micor over the summer - 4 weeks- at HCC and then starting the program.
    Don't visit the site often but I like reading other experiences.
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    Hey there latenurse,
    I am actually a postpartum doula with Birth partners!! What a small world!!
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    I'll make it even smaller for you. I used Birth Partners for my second birth. It was part of my inspiration to become one having felt so empowered after that birth! But I waited awhile as having a newborn would not have made for easy birth support. Then got sidetracked by the business with my friend. Hope all is good. 5 more classes 'til my final, then off to summer school- yikes. 4 week summer Micro.
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    I have read tons on this site about requirements at different colleges all over the country. Can somebody run over the basics at nvcc? I know about the pre reqs there, entrance exam for the school, entrance exam for the nursing program. Are they looking for the high gpa's at this school? Is there typically a waiting list? Is there a high turn down rate for the 2 year RN program? Any info is helpful, thanks.
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    Don't have a lot of answers but I do know that they supposedly had almost 400 applicants for 120 slots. They do have a waiting list but I am not sure how many they take on that. You can contact the school directly to ask.
    The minimum requirement for the application states 2.70 GPA but I think they really only look at much higher due to the demand for spots [4 applicants for every spot available]. The application asks for the grades in: Intermediate Algebra, Chemistry and A&P I and II. There is no essay, no references, just statistics.
    Hope this helps you some.
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    That's pretty much the info I was looking for, thanks. I was considering a medical career after 20 years of the computer business but after reading this site for a few days.... For somebody like me it will just take too long if possible at all. I'm looking at a year of pre reqs then try and apply to get accepted with all the competition from kids fresh out of school. I can certainly see why there is a nursing shortage. I think if you do the work they should let you in the program but it doesn't work that way. It's too bad for the people that feel this is their dream. Thanks for the response. I will look at some other trades as I'm mechanically inclined. Good luck to all of you.
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    I will be starting this fall. How many hours am I looking at per week. I know that there will be classes, lab and clinicals. Classes I think would take me 6 hrs or so once a week. How many hours of lab and clinicals are needed? There are some clinicals which run for 8 hrs at a stretch and others which are shorter. Are they looking for a specific no. of hours per week for lab and clinicals.

    Would appreciate your response then I can arrange for daycare for my daughter accordingly


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