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Hi, I am planning on applying to Southern's nursing program (for Fall 10). People that I know who have applied to the program didn't get in. One of my smartest friends, with almost a 4.0 didn't... Read More

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    I think ACE (accelerated) applicants do have to take the TEAS for acceptance into the program, also.

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    Ace students do not need to take that test, only meet the many pre req's that scsu has and some can be in progress at time of application.
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    I got into the ACE Program starting this August 2010 and I'm really interested in finding others who are also attending the program. I'd like to get to know some students and maybe get together this summer. It seems like such a small group and would be great to know someone ahead of time.
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    Hi Sammy,
    Congrats on your acceptance! I was very excited to find out I was accepted for the ACE program this August. I will be moving to CT in the beginning of August from Massachusetts. I can't figure out how to send a private message through this website so if you have Facebook you can friend me and we can exchange contact info through there. I'm the Boston network!
    -Maryann Linden
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    Hello incoming SCSU ACE students! I am part of the ACE 2010 cohort. I congratulate all of you for getting in. I want to give some advice, because of the job market i think that you should apply for student tech jobs once you end your first clinical. You will be advised that you will not have enough time to work by all the instructors, and some of you may not be able to handle it! But if you want to ensure that you can get a job, you should definitely try to get into a hospital as a student tech. Hospitals hire from within first! Student tech positions are flexible with their hours and I definitely could have handled it. I deeply regret not going after one and instead face a very tough job market! Good luck everyone!
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    thank you so much for the advice!
    Which job market are you currently looking in? Is this the surrounding New Haven area?
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    I am going to apply all over CT. Everyone from the 2009 ACE program found jobs. One girl sent out over 100 applications and did not get hired until the following March. I cannot wait that long. I am not sure how selective she was, but I plan on sending out many apps and hopefully getting some interviews for jobs that I want and not just jobs that I will take. Good luck with the program, it is the fastest year of your life.


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