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University of Colorado Hospital Traveler RN Program

  1. 0 I am interested in UCH's traveler rn program. I have never traveled before, but this sounds almost too good to be true? Anyone have any experience here? I would love to get my foot in the door this way. I'm afraid to get canceled alot or something though, by taking a traveler position. I have plenty of experience to take this job though.

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    I was hired as a UCH traveler last year. I did 2 13-week contracts with them, then was hired on as a permanent employee. Travelers don't necessarily get cancelled first, depends on the unit I imagine.
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    do you like it there? how is denver?
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    Love Denver and the facility!
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    About how long did it take them to get back to you for an interview after you submitted your application?

    Also what units did you work on?

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    Boy, it was a long time ago and I don't really remember. Okay, I just looked through some old emails - my interview was on April 20th, and I was hired a week later. I want to say I submitted my resume in early March. It was long enough that I had kind of forgotten that I had applied for the position.

    I work in L&D/Mother-baby
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    Thanks for the info! I submitted my application around the 8th of july and havent heard back from any of the 4 units i applied for : (. Hopefully though its just them taking their time and not me not being a good applicant
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    They are the top pulmonary hospital. I would give my right arm to get in as a CNS there.
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    klone: I have an interview for the travel RN position at UCH in about a week. Was there always the option to renew the contract? Also, I know they provide a monthly stipend but did they offer housing as an option? Thanks!
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    Housing was not offered, only the housing stipend. I don't think a contract renewal is ALWAYS a given - I imagine it totally depends on the needs of the unit. The unit has the option to renew your contract for up to a year, and then they have to either hire you on permanently or let you go. Usually if they know you're a good fit and they have a need, they will offer you a permanent position after one or two contracts. I was informally offered a position before my first contract was up, but they were waiting for the approval for the position from the highers up, and I was officially given the permanent position midway through my second contract, and the contract was then just cancelled and I came on as a permanent employee (I had moved permanently to Denver and knew traveling was not in my blood and UCH was a good fit).

    Good luck with the interview next week!

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