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Anyone else get an interview with University of Colorado Hospital Residency program for July 2012 start?... Read More

  1. by   NewGradNurse2012
    Thanks for the info newgradsd! I hope to follow up with them tomorrow...

    Congratulations on passing the NCLEX! Knew you would! It took CA about a week to post mine on their website. Since CO isn't as bombarded with new grads, it may be sooner for you!
  2. by   newgradsd
    Thank you! Hopefully we get to work together! You're in Medicine Sub Specialties unit, correct? Speaking of, do you know if that unit requires scrubs with the UCH logo?
  3. by   NewGradNurse2012
    I hope so too! Yes, I'm also on MDSS. During the interview, I remember the hiring manager saying that they require uniform scrubs. I assume that means scrubs with the logo!
  4. by   NewGradNurse2012
    Got my endorsement!!! Looking forward to meeting everyone! Now to order some scrubs. =)
  5. by   newgradsd
    Yay!!!! That's great!!! I'm so happy for you!! I'm still waiting for my name to get on the Board of Nursing website. Have you done you employee health screening already? And where did you decide to live?
  6. by   NewGradNurse2012
    Sorry for the late reply! - I did the health screening this week on Monday, and currently live in Aurora. Hope everything worked out for you! See you tomorrow!
  7. by   newgradsd
    My name was posted on the board of nursing Monday morning!!! I also did my health screening that afternoon. Found an apartment the next day south of Aurora near Denver Tech, 20 mins away from work. I was going to get an apartment near the hospital but I was told that the crime rate in that area (especially around Colfax) is pretty high. My move-in date to the apartment is July 30th, so I'm currently staying in an extended-stay hotel for now. I'm exhausted!! Anywhoo...I can't wait to meet you tomorrow!!!
  8. by   Sand_Dollar
    Congrats to all who got hired! I'm an ACP (Advanced Care Partner aka Sr Nursing Student) at UCH and the hospital is AMAZING. I can't believe how lucky I am to be working in such a fantastic hospital. I will be applying to the nurse residency program myself next year. I just wanted to pop in and say Welcome to UCH - I hope you love it as much as I do.
  9. by   NewGradNurse2012
    Thanks Sand Dollar! Good luck in the hiring process, and have a wonderful senior nursing year!
  10. by   lonestar9918
    I was wondering where some of you went to school, and what advice you would offer me to make myself a good candidate for this residency in 2014. I will graduate with my BSN in May 2014, and my dream is to find a spot in CO. I attend a small private university in TX, and hopefully can maintain my high GPA. But is a high GPA good enough? What else do you think helped get you an interview and set you apart from the crowd?
    Thanks in advance and congratulations!!
  11. by   NewGradNurse2012
    Thanks Sand Dollar! I'm having a great first week here at the hospital! Good luck in the hiring process, and make the most out of your senior year!

    Lonestar - They UCH application does ask for GPA, but they also want to see what kind of nurse/ person you are. They are all about evidence based practice, changing for the better based on evidence, and lifelong learning. You should also have different activities that shows you are about being a nurse (e.g. joining your Nursing Students' Association, becoming a CNA, volunteering, TAing, etc.) Each person is unique and will have experienced different things to set them apart. Find something that you're passionate about and go for it. Good luck!
  12. by   lonestar9918
    Thank you for that info.
    I am definitely looking at being active in SNA, and I currently volunteer at the local Medical Care Mission (in a non-healthcare related capacity, just office help). I will be trying to find additional opportunities for volunteering, and I am hoping some of my life-experience helps me out too, at least in painting a picture of who I am. Im 31 years old and a father of 4, and that of course shapes much of who I am and the nurse i strive to become.

    Anyways I hope you all enjoy your new adventure there in CO, it looks to be an amazing opportunity! Know that you are living the dream of many student nurses who seek to follow in your steps : )
  13. by   KyliRN
    Im applied for the October program and they are emailing everyone in September about interviews. Im also from Florida and was wondering if you had any advice? If I get offered the position, fingers crossed, do you know of a good place to live? Do you have any advice for the interview process? I would greatly appreciate your help Im super nervous!!