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Anyone else get an interview with University of Colorado Hospital Residency program for July 2012 start?... Read More

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    Ya I could have done better...but could have been worse. They didn't take that info like the email said, although it's prob in my application somewhere. I was just thrown off by the whole thing because I thought I'd be interviewing with one or both of my top choices, not 4 different people from all different units.

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    I heard from them yesterday and was offered a position!

    They didn't ask for my information until they called me.

    Good luck everyone!
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    Congrats! Which unit were you offered a position in. I haven't heard anything yet, but they said we wouldn't hear until next week so hopefully there is still hope!
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    Congrats, NewGradNurse2012! What unit are you on? I was called this morning and offered a position too, on the Cardiovascular IMC!!

    Best of luck to everyone! I was told we'd hear during next week, so I'm sure they'll contact people all week!
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    I received a job offer too!!! However, I am having problems with getting my Colorado license on time. I am authorized to take the California exam but just recently applied to take the Colorado one and still awaiting for the authorization to test. Anyone out-of-state with the same problem?
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    P.S. Congratulations to those who also received an offer and good luck to those who haven't received a call yet!
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    Congrats on getting the job! I got offered a job too in the medical icu! Very excited! I am moving from Florida, and know very little about living in Denver! Have you talked to anyone that's taking a position at UCH? Are you from Colorado? Do you have an idea where you are going to live?
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    Congrats to you too! I am from California. Nurses I've encountered when I was there for my interview as well as the employee health nurse that called me for my appointment all said they love working at UCH. They also mentioned how great their new grad program is. I don't have any idea yet where I am going to live because I'm still dealing with getting my Colorado license on time.
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    Congratulations! It looks like we're all out-of-towners, haha. I'm from Arizona, and I second that; I've heard really reassuring things from a few nurses who work there. The manager I interviewed with said that many of the nurses at UCH went through the program when they first started which speaks about their retention. Not to mention, it is a beautiful hospital and a beautiful place to be.
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    Congratulations to everyone that is going to be starting at UCH in July! I am going to be in the Burn ICU. I am moving from Iowa and will be living with my brother for a bit until I figure out the living situation. Does anyone have any tips on where to live and such?

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