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UCH residency interviews?

  1. 0 Hi everyone,

    I just got an email saying I'm invited to interview at UCH for the Critical Care residency program. Anyone else? Does anyone know what sorts of things they ask and/or are looking for? I'm coming from out of state so I would appreciate any help you could give about where to stay in relation to the airport or downtown, and anything else I might need to know.

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    Hey Jellocorp,

    I also got invited for an interview at UCH for the Critcal Care residency... I went for the interview, did you? I am waiting and waiting for them to give me a call about the job!
    If you interviewed, have you heard back from them? I gave them a call yesterday and they told me they have not made any decisions as of yet.
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    I got a call from the HR woman today telling me that I didn't get the position. Boo, I really wanted it. I hope you have better luck
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    Nope, I didn't get the position either... I really thought I was going to get it.. the interview went so well, didn't think many could beat my educational background, not to be conceited or anything but wow. I guess the best of the best apply there! We are brilliant and we will get a job elsewhere (hopefully!!!). I just applied to about 10 more jobs to keep my mind distracted for the bad news!!!
    Let me know how it ends up for you!
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    If you don't mind me asking: Where did you go to school? What kinds of experience do you have in health care?
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    I just graduated from the Drexel accelerated program; I have my previous degree in Chemistry and my master's is also in chem. I did my senior practice in the ICU and got a very good rec from my prof. I thought my interview went really well and everything so I was kind of surprised. I wonder who they did take??
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    I just graduated from the Columbia accelerated program, my previous degree was in Biology from University of Colorado. I was a medical assistant during my year between schools and I also did my senior practicum in an ICU... who did they take!?!? Craziness