UCH Pharmacology Test

  1. Just wondering if anyone has taken the pharmacology test for UCH recently? I have a tentative position pending I pass the test. I was given an outline on what to study, but it is extremely vague listing topics such as "knowledge of medication side effects" and "knowledge of medication contraindications". I'm trying not to get too involved in all the fine details, so any guidance on what exactly I should review would be helpful. I am a BSN RN with 8 years acute care experience. Thanks!!
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  3. by   klone
    I have no recollection of having taken that test. It's either something they've just started in the past year or so, or it was so not a big deal that I just don't remember it.
  4. by   laurainaz
    Great, thanks! I'm just reviewing all things in the general sense but I think I'll be ok!
  5. by   klone
    Good luck, I hope it goes well! In what area will you be working?
  6. by   laurainaz
    I'll be at the new facility being built in Lone Tree - Ortho/Spine. I'll orient at the main campus until the facility is complete. What area are you in?
  7. by   klone
    I work in OB
  8. by   eliselu2
    Any feedback on the med test? I have an interview there for an inpt floor. Any other tips you can give about the interview process?
    Thank so much -
  9. by   heps
    Hi Guys! I need to take the pharmacology and ECG test for UCH in the next week and a half. It looks like someone on this thread has survived. Any pointers? You're right, the study guide does absolutely nothing. I'm not sure which way to go! Tips would be appreciated. Thanks!