UCCS Accelerated BSN Acceptance

  1. Hello! I was wondering if anyone is applying to UCCS for the Accelerated BSN program for May 2018? And for any recent grads, do you know what the average GPA/ HESI scores were for those who were admitted? I don't know many people who have gone through the program so I'm just trying to get an idea of if I have a decent chance of getting in. Thanks everyone!
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  3. by   mskw
    Hi there!

    I applied for this program as well and would be interested in knowing the average GPA and HESI score. I heard that they receive over 100 applications, however, only about 80 are actually eligible. Of those (roughly) 80, they accept about 24-30 depending on how many clinical spots they have available. I'm crossing my fingers!
  4. by   mskw
    Oh! Elvolve/Elsevier also confirmed that the "class average", in our individual HESI score reports, reflects the average for those that took the test in our year group, for the UCCS accelerated BSN program.
  5. by   soccer22
    Hey mskw! I tried to PM you but I am struggling with this website. I have a friend who went through the program a few years ago and from everything I have read and what she has said, they start calling people for interviews at the end of January, its coming up fast! I did pretty well on the HESI but I am a little more worried about my GPA, so it is probably a toss up but I am trying not to get too worried since I do not have much to compare it to! Best of luck to you!
  6. by   mskw
    It looks like I have to have 15 quality posts before I can PM someone but I made this account simply to respond to your post, so I'm far from that. That's awesome about your friend. I bet we read the same things, but it seems like the HESI is worth quite a lot, more than the GPA, which may work to our favor. I'm in the same boat as you. I have a lower GPA, but a competitive HESI score. One of the admissions counselors I spoke to over the Summer said that they confirmed that a "competitive" HESI score was a 90 or above in every category. She also told me that that every year they have a few with lower GPA's that do really well on the HESI and get in. I do not know what they consider a "lower" GPA and I do not know what "really" well means on the HESI. I imagine they must accept some people with under 3.0 GPAs otherwise they wouldn't say the minimum is 2.5. Best of luck to you, too! I am crossing my fingers for us both! Keep your phone off silent!
  7. by   kvan327
    Hello! I applied as well. My GPA is okay and HESI is competitive. Does anyone know what the average scores have been? Also, any idea when they'll want us to schedule interviews? Good luck!
  8. by   mskw
    I just received an email to schedule an interview!! I hope you guys get the same!! Keep me updated.
  9. by   soccer22
    That's great mskw! Way earlier than expected! I haven't received anything yet but fingers crossed. Thanks for posting! Good to know it could possibly be an email, I was expecting a phone call! Kvan327, I am not sure about averages unfortunately! I wish I did, I think I am on the fence, I did well on the HESI but my undergrad GPA is not as high as it could be. Good luck to both of you!
  10. by   soccer22
    I got an email too! It was in my spam folder so watch out for that!! Good luck everyone!