UCCS Acc BSN program begins Summer 2013...PLEASE ANSWER!!!

  1. I am freaking out! I have been searching every social network to see if anybody has gotten into UCCS Acc BSN program that begins in May. If they haven't sent out letters yet people should be finding out this week or the next if they got an interview which means they have a chance and I want this so bad and am so passionate about nursing so I would like to know has anybody applied for this years accelerated bsn program and found out if they got in or not or at least been called for an interview?? If so what were your HESI exam cumulative scores and your GPA if you don't mind me asking???
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  3. by   DnvrOutdoorsRN
    I graduated from the UCCS ABSN program last August. My recollection of the process was a phone call in January for those selected for interviews. Nobody was accepted into the program until the end of February, beginning of March. Can't remember what my HESI score was, but had a 3.0 GPA going into the program, 4.0 in prereq's. Yes, grades are factored into their decision, but it's more than that. In my essay I acknowledged my weaknessess and described how I have taken steps to change that. They do look at the whole picture.

    If you get an interview IMHO that means you are qualified to be part of the program. The interview is more of a personality test and your opportunity to 'sell' yourself as to what makes you a great candidate. If you have specific questions about the program, I'd be more than happy to answer them. Send me a PM.

    Good luck.
  4. by   chupe
    Okay around what time in Jan did they call you for an interview??? Since its nearing the end of the month I needed to hear all this to continue to give me hope and to help calm my nerves...my GPA is a 3.3 and in pre reqs it was a 3.2 and my exam score was an 84.57 percent cumulative and in my essay I tried to show how passionate I am about people and nursing as well as why I thought I could take on the intensity of this program
  5. by   brittbrittRN
    Hello Chupe-

    Have you gotten a call yet?

    I too, am applying for the Summer 2013 start date at UCCS. I actually didn't know that they held interviews until I emailed the school and asked how they would notify me of my admissions decision. The person who replied said that my name was not on the list of "rejects" so expect a call today or tomorrow. I didn't get a call today, but hopefully tomorrow. My pre-req GPA was 3.7, but my undergrad GPA is embarrassing. My HESI was 84, I have some healthcare work and volunteer experience, and my essay is definitely my strongest point. I really hope to get in to UCCS, because the other school I was accepted into in CO is private and expensive.

    Let me know what happens, and I will do the same!!
  6. by   coloradian719
    I applied for the summer 2013 accelerated nursing program and got a phone call today to set up an interview. They also will sent an email asking me to pay for a a $60 background check. My undergrad GPA is 3.44 and my pre-req GPA is a 3.59. My HESI score is an 87%. Hopefully I will do well in my interview. Wish me Luck!!
  7. by   chupe
    Congrats you guys! I wish you the best it is feb 6 3:44pm in the springs and I still haven't gotten a call yet :/ don't know if im on the reject list or not but since ya'll have already gotten a call I am assuming I am my GPA was not as great as your guys. I thought my essay was my strongest point too and I also have health care experience I am a CNA at two different agencies. Guess its not enough. I wish you guys the best truly I do.
  8. by   sk8tergurl164
    I had my interview last week and just received notice that I am alternate number 6. Has anyone been in a similar situation? It does not seem likely that this many people would decline. Any thoughts?