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  1. Hey everyone! I am currently a postpartum and L&D nurse in Iowa but looking to move in 1.5 years once i have 3 years experience. I just want to broaden my horizons a bit. I love the unit I work for many reasons; great teamwork, birthing suites pts stay from admission until discharge, ability to be cross trained in PP and LD, 1:1 nurse: pt ratio for labor pts, high census: average 26,000 babies per year, and a level ll nicu. I am trying to find a unit with most of these qualities. Any information will be well appreciated In relation to the unit, the hospital, salary, and city. Thanks everyone!
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  3. by   klone
    There aren't any hospitals in Denver that have that many deliveries. I would say the hospitals with the highest census probably have around 6000 deliveries a year. The University does around 5000. I would guess Denver Health does more (I just googled, and the answer I got was 3500, but I don't know what year that was).

    26,000 babies a year? In Iowa? Wow. Is that like the only L&D unit in the entire tri-state area?

    There are lots of hospitals with Level II NICUs, and a few with Level III. I know that Avista in Louisville (far northern suburbs, closer to Boulder than Denver) has LDRP suites, I don't know about any other hospitals. I personally don't care for LDRP setups, I prefer LDRs, and having postpartum as a separate room, but that's just me, I'm weird that way.

    As far as ratio goes, for most hospitals a 1:1 ratio in labor is a dream, IME, except during second stage, unless you're overstaffed. I don't think AWHONN guidelines specify 1:1 ratio except during second stage or in certain situations anyway (MgSO4 administration), do they?
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    Haha I'm sorry, I typed too many 0's and didn't proofread. Our unit does do 1:1 in labor, we are very lucky to have the staff we do. I have heard it is uncommon and that is why I love my unit