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  1. I found out this afternoon I was accepted as an alternate at Regis. This information was online and I haven't recieved an actual letter with additional info. I'm curious if anyone has any recent experience being on the alternate list. I did email the admissions counselor, who more or less told me to wait for the info in the mail, but did tell me they have up to 20 alternates for a 24 person cohort. I'm hoping that was a mistake since that seems a bit high and after hearing that number I went from excited to discouraged. It's such a small program and I don't think many will drop. I also saw on previous postings here that they don't tell you where you stand in the alternate pool.

    So, as I wait for my info (and could be waiting up to the start date) I'm wondering what your experience as an alternate has been. Thanks!
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  3. by   CK723
    I also found out yesterday that I am an "accepted alternate" at Regis. I e-mailed the admissions counselor and was told that the letter in the mail would explain everything, but she didn't tell me how many people might be alternates. Do you think they gave you the maximum number that they use for all their programs? 20 seems high to me as well, I would assume that less than 5 give up their spots.

    I hope we both get in and end up meeting in August
  4. by   IrishMama
    Like I said, at first I was excited because I was thinking that there were maybe 5 or 6 alternates, but 20 doesn't make me feel good. I could see 20 alternates for a 45 person cohort, and I'm hoping that's the max for all their programs. I realize they want to make sure their spots are full. If it is 20 for this cohort, then they must have past experience with a higher percentage of people who don't accept.

    I did see an older thread on here from a different program in a different state that starts 25 at a time, and usually 14 or 15 accept. I just feel like applicants for CHOICE are all local and most would want to do this specific program. I'm holding out hope that some applied to CU and would rather go there .
  5. by   Dennis88
    I was an alternate for the accelerated BSN cohort this May. They said about 35 people stay on the alternate list (the cohort size is about 45 people) and in the past they've had anywhere from 5 to 25 alternates get in. I dropped off the list because I started at Metro, so I won't know if I'll have ended up getting in or not.
  6. by   IrishMama
    Well then I guess 20 alternates is accurate if they had 35 for a 45 person cohort. Now I'm just antsy to get more info in the mail.

    Dennis88, did they give you an alternate number or is it just a general pool?
  7. by   roxyr82
    Hopefully I am able to help a little on this. I was an alternate for the May 2010 cohort and am now accepted into the accelerated BSN program. Our class is 48 people, and when I was in your shoes I inquired about the size of the alternate pool and was told it was 35 people, and I also thought this number was discouraging. I was told by the admissions counselor that some years they accept only 3-4 off the alternate list, and sometimes it is as many as 30. I heard I was accepted about 2 weeks after I was first notified of my alternate status.

    The pool is not a ranked list of alternates, it is simply that...a pool. If one person decides to not accept their position, the university will choose an alternate from the pool who closely matches that person's demographic. Every component of your application is evaluated in the attempt to maintain a diverse class.

    Congratulations on being an alternate, and best of luck to you!
  8. by   IrishMama
    Roxy, congrats on getting in! That's great you only had to wait a few weeks to find out. I'm thinking my odds will go down after April if I don't hear anything. I know CU's acceptance letters are supposed to go out by then.

    Did they tell you to start working on financial aid stuff or did you wait until you were officially accepted?
  9. by   roxyr82
    I knew that I was accepted when I filled out my FAFSA, however I would recommend doing it right away in your case. The priority deadline for some grants is March 1st. I actually did mine before I got my W2s in the mail, and estimated my 2009 income from 2008. I then went back and corrected it when I got the accurate data for 2009. The FAFSA is now much easier than when I got my first bachelors...just fill it out online at

    Hope you get in! I know how tough the waiting is, but like you said CU letters haven't gone out yet and I would suspect several people would choose CU for reasons of finances. Regis most certainly does have a big price tag. (Still stresses me out a bit as I am paying for this all on my own.) Keep us posted.
  10. by   CK723

    I wanted to send you a private message, but I couldn't figure out how!

    I was wondering if you heard anything more from Regis about your accepted alternate status. I haven't heard anything more since I received my letter and was thinking that we probably won't until after the 15th of this month (I am assuming the people who were accepted also had until March 15th to accept and pay their deposit).
  11. by   IrishMama
    I sent you a PM, so let me know if it doesn't work. I've read that you need a minimum number of posts to use that feature, but I have no idea.