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    Quote from mirandabear
    Yes, they didn't like me (not even as much as CU!). I was getting hopeful this time around and was really starting to like Regis a lot. But I originally applied as soon as I could hoping that having a mediocre/strong application the first time and then being able to submit an even stronger application a second time (pre-req's done, slightly better GPA, and some actual experience, etc.) might get me somewhere. I was surprised to even get interview invites (not that my "credentials" are at all bad), but interviews definitely made me hopeful! I'm hoping I was turned down (completely!) because I had nowhere near as many qualifications as any of the other candidates I met, and not something terrible/unlikable I did at the interview.

    But I am really happy to hear of you getting in and it makes me hopeful that being persistent will pay off eventually! Congrats again
    I'm so sorry! Did you get an interview at CU too? I didn't, for the second time. I am not sure what got me into Regis this time, but it could be my experience as a CNA at a local hospital working on float pool (every. single. floor!). I hope you weren't turned down completely! They accepted a lot of alternates for the January start keep up the good work it will pay off eventually!

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    Yes, CU call list. Not even an alternate for Regis. Maybe you can give me some interview tips before the next round of Regis.
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    That's so weird! I didn't even get an interview at CU. I don't know that I have any good advice but I would be happy to try, you can message me anytime. Don't give up, you will get in! Persistence counts!
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    Does anyone know when we will be able to see a list of books required as well as a to-do list (immunizations and such...)?
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    Don't take Healthcare Ethics at Regis.
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    where would you suggest taking it?
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    Quote from kathands
    where would you suggest taking it?
    1/3 the cost at Rio Salado online - Rio Salado College | Rio Salado College

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