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Hi all :) Is anyone waiting for an interview like I am? Super nervous and could really use some tips on the interview process. Thanks!... Read More

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    I'm glad to know today was the deadline; I was wondering when my best chance was!

    Wade, I am an alternate too! I emailed the admissions coordinator and just asked how many of us there were... there's 50. It's a little discouraging, but at least we can apply again for the next cohort (which excepts only 40-50 students instead of 96!!). I believe my GPA was working against me as well. It was a 3.4... but I have a lot of CNA experience. It's possible I was a little too nervous in my interview too- my voice was cracking haha!

    Let's cross our fingers!!!

    And congratulations Tominthefort!

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    Thanks for the info everyone! Congrats to everyone that was already accepted, and patience to those of us who are still hoping to hear. :-)

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    Hi Wade,
    Best wishes to you and the other alternates! Did you interview on Friday, July 27th? Good luck!
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    Yes I did at 8:30 am. I'm also from Portland.
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    Best of luck to all the alternates!
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    Have any alternates heard anything? I haven't :/. Just applied for the next go-round.
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    I'm new to this forum. Is there anybody here applying for May 2013? I was invited for an interview on Nov. 16th but I have appointment so they scheduled me for a skype interview on Nov. 6. Anybody who applied for May 2013 who'd like to chat or share experiences with me? Thank you
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    A word of advice. Do not take HCE430 from Regis. Take it from Rio Salado. It is much more relevant, less likely to sink your GPA, and not take 30 hours a week. Also, it costs 1/3 the price of Regis's HCE class. Regis does accept this course in leui of HCE430 even though the Rio Salado course is a 200 level.

    Do start a Facebook group for your cohort. Work together; none of that competitive catty crap. Regis nurses have each others' backs.
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    hey paso,
    I applied again and have an interview tomorrow! (Nov 6). Good luck to everyone!
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    @kerleigh722, good luck ! Mine is a skype interview. How about yours?

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