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My wife and I are thinking of moving to Colorado after we get our R.N. license. Any information about different cities, towns, hospitals, and pay would be helpfull. We live in a nice town in California 12,000 population and... Read More

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    I live in Trinidad,CO and starting pay at the hospital is $26/hr the nursing home $21-$22/hr I can tell you though the hospital here gave me only 4 days orientation as a new grad which was horrible. They have a new DON who is now offerring 6 weeks but if they want and I've seen them do it they will cut that short. Also, in a small town like this you WILL NOT get the experience you need in such a short orientation. I was there six months before I even saw an intubation an ship (Critical) pt. It would of been nice to have been on orientation for my first experience with it instead of blundering through it. I highly recommend searching for hospitals that offer at least 4 months of internship/preceptorship. I'm actually applying for such in Dallas and Houston. They usually only open these positions like twice a year and are competive but I figure one day I'll get in! They are also for nurses wanting to change specialty not just new grads! In CO I know that St. Mary corwin offers these new grad programs and I think its actually a whole year they give you. Don't know about pay there though. Oh..yes CO is expensive. Texas dirt cheap in comparison. I moved from Houston to here 6yrs ago and food was triple the price. Thats why im moving back to Texas... probably. Anywhoo! Goodluck with RN licensure! It's killer...lol
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    I live in colorado springs, critical care pediatric nurse, 5 years exp. $24 an hour, currently forced to do mandatory extra shifts (12hours) so that is 4 shifts some weeks, no weekend differentials, and the night & evening differentials are awful. Patient load typical at 5:1, cna's have 26 patients so don't expect much help...continue to lose benefits & no raises for 2012. With health insurance through my employer, it costs $300 to walk into my own ER.
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    Yikes Synderrela that is crappy! Have you thought to go elsewhere?
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    Yeah...Especially after today...No 15 minute breaks, & my lunch break consisted of taking a report on a patient that was incoming ~ I left 2 hours late due to charting, I am currently studying for a dual masters in nursing and in health care admin. I'll be done late this summer and heading back to California. This is insane.
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    current offer for exempla health care system in denver, co is $24 then its 3% of 24 with each RN year experience. i tried to negotiate but they say it wouldnt be fair to the other nurses. and colorado health care does not take the high cost of living of its states. just an FYI for RN interested in moving to colorado.
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