Parker Adventist vs Sky Ridge?

  1. I'd like to hear from some current or former employees of Parker Adventist and/or Sky Ridge Medical Center regarding their experiences as nurses at those facilities. They are roughly equidistant from where I will be moving and I'd like to transfer closer to home, but am not sure which facility I'd like to pursue. I know Parker is Centura and Sky Ridge is HealthONE - does anyone know if the pay is comparable? I had a HealthONE nurse tell me that HealthONE treats their employees better, but to look at the job listings it seems like Centura has less turnover. Anyone know if the nurse/patient ratios are different? Any other insight would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   nurse2033
    I've worked as agency at a HealthOne hospital but know a bunch of nurses that have worked in both systems. Denver has three major health systems and I work for the other one. From what I see they are all roughly equivalent in that they are large money making machines that have a corporate outlook. Salaries seem to be highest at Exempla but they all have similar working conditions, benefits (except Exempla is owned by a catholic organization that has put some limitations on employee coverage), and pt ratios. I haven't worked at either hospital you mentioned. I would say if you are just looking to cash a paycheck you can do fine at either system. If you are looking for a career you might do better at University or Childrens, both fine hospitals that I've heard nurses speak highly of. Best of luck.