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Otero Junior College

  1. 0 Hey guys,

    What do you think about Otero Junior College in Colorado? I have applied to that Junior College to do my Associate degree but this is my last resort. If nothing else work I will just move down to colorado. What do you think? Is otero a good place to start? What about childcare there?

    Please reply.

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    I looked up Otero Junior College Nursing program I don't know much about it other than it's located in La Junta, CO

    NCLEX pass rate for 2000 was 83.3%, 2001 68.8%, and 2002 92.9%, 2003 is not listed yet.

    That's all the info I can find, I don't know anyone who went there. Best of luck to you.

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    La Juanta is a very small town. You might want to take a road trip and check it out before moving there. I see you are from Tampa, it might be tooooo much of a culture shock.
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    I was a LPN for four years. I went to OJC to obtain by RN. I recieved my RN in 1995, so it has been awhile. I felt their program was OK. The instructors were certainly helpful when questions arose ect. I feel that is like most places, you get out of it, what you are willing to put into it.
    The town is rual America. Small but friendly. You can travel 1 and 1/2 hours and be in the mountains. Pueblo is 50 min away and Colorado Spings is around a hour and one half drive. Those are the closed larger towns. Colorado Spings is a beautiful city.
    I currently work in Pueblo, if you come this direction let me know.

    Good luck with your decision.
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    I am an international student and I find otero junior college to be very expensive. I am trying to apply for a scholarship to pay my tuition. I know that I am not qualified for the financial aid but I want to know if there is anywhere in lajunta that offers scholaraship to minorities. How is the rent there? Is it expensive?

    Please respond ,I need to know what I am gettng into.