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Just curious...... I work a baylor shift thur through sat. in the OR. It is "crany season from spring until the end of summer. I am at work, no cases currently going. The emergency crany cart is in the core waiting for the... Read More

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    What makes me (as a healthcare provider riding motorcycles and wearing a helmet at all times) wonder is why there are so many other healthcare providers who ride without helmets.. Helmets DO make a difference, we see it often enough in the ED.

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    It is pretty disturbing. I worked for a few years in injury prevention at a big trauma center in Denver and many people would agree with you. Since I've left the state last year, they were able to get enhanced booster seat legislation through (we had been trying for years), but you can't even get anything with primary seat belt legislation through, let alone making someone wear a helmet. There are many people who don't like nanny laws and helmets are part of that. Mandatory bike helmets and education to accompany it got killed at the last minute last year because they didn't want to tell parents what to do and who is going to give all these people helmets. I got calls EVERY SINGLE DAY for helmets and couldn't help the majority of people because I had limited funds.*

    In the mean time, there are many people trying to work with different health care agencies to educate and promote helmet use. But like most things, unless it is primary prevention, the work only goes so far. You can tell someone they will die if they don't wear a helmet, but they won't wear it anyway. You can tell someone they will get a fine if they don't wear one, and by golly, they've probably got one strapped to their head.

    As far as ski resorts go... Many have a policy of mandatory helmets for certain ages, ski school, etc. The *hope* is to ease into it. Have the companies make it a policy and then when everyone is enforcing it and it becomes more socially acceptable, then try to create a state law around it.
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