New Grad interested in Colorado, any advice?

  1. 0 Hey all! Interested in moving to Colorado after I graduate next spring, but wondering how the market is for new grads. Anyone have any info regarding new grad residency programs or any advice? Excited for the move, but worried the job market will be just as bad as it is here in California.
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    Sorry, also meant to mention I will be an RN with a bachelor's degree.
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    You might find yourself at a disadvantage as a new grad without connections. Many new grads here are able to find jobs (although not always quickly and not all of them) but the ones who do usually used their clinicals or healthcare part-time jobs during nursing school to make connections and show their potential as (future) employees.
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    Thanks for the reply. That is kind of the feeling I've been getting, but I also don't have any connections where I am now!
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    You could try applying for new grad residency programs like they have at Children's and UC Hospital (University of CO).
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    That's what I have been looking into. Fingers crossed that I get into one!

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