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    Hello everyone,

    I have one more week left of school. One week, two tests. Then, it's over. The 6 year long journey is finished. However, it's only just begun. I am scared about not being able to find a nursing job in Colorado. To be this much in debt for my education, and not be able to work to pay it off-much less pay rent and food-frankly terrifies me.

    Does anyone have any idea where would be some of the better places to apply as a new grad here in CO?

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    I'm not the expert but during my time in CO I heard that the southern part of the state (including pueblo/ Co Springs) was easier to get hired into the hospitals (as a new grad) than in the northern part of the state. Once you get experience it is easier to get a job where you want.

    If you are flexible about where you are willing to live try posting your resume on 'yahoo jobs,' ect. recruiters will contact you, trust me.
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    That's good to know. I will put in for some more hospitals down there, then. I already put into St. Mary Corwin's and never heard back. OK. That's not totally true. I put in for the new grad program. Then the recruiter called back and said that program is being d/c'd. So then, I just sent in a resume, because there have been no new postings there since I last looked.

    I know there is another hospital in Pueblo. I'd even go further south, but I don't know what's down there.

    I have one more test on Thursday. Then I'm going to attack this project with vigour! I plan to apply to 5 places per day until I cover CO. Then, I'm going to start applying out of state for anywhere that has a contract with CO so I don't have to re-take a nurses liscense. I think it's like Utah and Nevada and NM...Maybe some other places that share this contract. We'll see.

    At this point, I'll take anything I can get, anywhere I can get it! God knows... I just want to LEARN and practice, learn and practice. That can be done in any number of places. Just gotta keep at it.
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    If you are open to living anywhere, the southeast corner of the state is usually hurting for medical people. However, much of the southeast corner of the state looks like Kansas.

    I grew up in Canon City...I have no idea if they need nurses and I've not set foot in St. Thomas More hospital in about 30 years, but it was a great, great place in which to grow up. Awesome town.

    Good luck!