Need to Transfer My CNA License to Colorado From Califorina

  1. 0 Help I need to know what to to so I can move to Colorado and Transfer my CNA License.
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    You may go to the CO BON:

    And, here is the CNA application for endorsement:
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    I replying to you, because i need to transfer my nursing assistant certificate to colorado from arkansas, and i see that you are trying to move to colorado also. Some body please help, thanks
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    Look at my previous post, arg 8706, and follow the instructions for tranferring your Arkansas CNA to Colorado.
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    I went to the sites listed and downloaded all the required paperwork. However, am confused about one item: Under Application checklist it states: Verification of current nurse aid certificate in good standing in another state. Then it says: California transfers only - Please return completed verification form with your application.

    Question: How do I get the State of CA to mail the verification form back to me direct instead of to the State of Colorado, so I can submit it as requested with the rest of my paperwork. (The verification form downloaded tells all states to mail direct to CO) Thanks:spin:

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