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Hello there, Just creating a thread to see if anyone who has applied to the ANO program wants to talk about it. I've looked around and haven't found much on it but was wondering if anyone wanted... Read More

  1. by   ec7855
    Have either of you completed your background, drug test and immunization requirements yet? I just started mine and it looks like things aren't moving as quick as I anticipated. Any advice on efficiency?
  2. by   carlyt1
    Hi ec,

    It's been a pain! I got my drug test and background test done and I'm going back to the doctors for a third time tomorrow to finish up everything I needed for immunizations.

    Anticipate going and getting the flu, tetanus, and tb test and ask for blood titres if you don't already have immunization records. I also got my general checkup done that day. I had to go back to get my tb test checked on a Sunday d/t my work schedule, but you may want to ask that they perform any immunizations they find you still need the same day they check your tb test.

    All I have left to do is my CPR renewal and professional insurance. I felt good until I got the hefty packet in the mail today with more to-dos! I'm curious to know what is in this mysterious "Nursing Kit" they are charging us $100+ for...

    Good luck with it all! You will be fine
  3. by   mseaton
    Hello! Excited I found this thread! I will be starting the ANO program as well in January. I like the idea of starting a facebook group for our class. My husband is in the P.A. program at UCD and when he was accepted they had already set up a group for them to communicate. They use it all the time! It is a great place for questions to help each other out with, reminders for assignments/tests, you can post study materials/study guides, and is a great way to quickly get answers for questions any of us may have throughout the program (or before it). If one hasn't been created, I don't mind doing it. For the few people who have posted in this thread, would you like me to create one? Excited to meet everyone in January!

  4. by   parksmj
    I think it would be great to start a Facebook page. That way we can kind of get to know each other before class starts, and use it during the year to keep up with everything! I'm willing to get that going, if needed.Regarding the immunization stuff, I'm kinda lucky because my employer provides all the necessary immunizations and titers. The one thing I would suggest, if you're like me and can't find your original shot records, go to your high school's county office and have them print your records. I did this, and it was completely free! I uploaded the screen shot they gave me and both Certified Profile and MSU accepted it. There is also a Tdap booster available. Ask your doctor to see if you can get that instead of the series.I don't know about you all, but I can't wait!! I was wondering if anyone has completed their financial aid information, or has any clue how to pay for this program!-Mike
  5. by   mseaton
    Hey Mike, thanks for the quick response! I tried to start a group but I have to be able to invite at least one facebook friend to start it. Would you mind finding and adding me that way I can "invite" you and we can at least have something on facebook for people to search for (I had already searched hoping to find a group already ), and then during orientation we can let anyone else know about it! Pretty sure I am the only Meredith Seaton who lives in Denver so should be easy to find on fb.. so anyone else who sees this and wants to be in the group/is starting the ANO program in January just "friend" me with a message saying you're in the program as well, and I can add you to the group!

    For my immunizations I just took my sheet in from our certified profile account and got titers for all of them at one doctor. I wasn't sure when my last tetanus was, and didn't want to call around to find out so I just got it (no harm in getting it again per my Dr.).

    I will be starting the FASFA this weekend... not looking forward to it. If I find out anything I will let you know. I do know that Wells Fargo offers student loans, but I don't know what kind of interest rates they offer or how much in loans. I will be meeting with someone there soon to find all that out.

  6. by   parksmj
    Hi Meredith!

    Thanks for volunteering to start up the Facebook page. I'd be happy to friend you, but I want to make sure I'm friend-ing (haha, gotta love FB language) the right person. Are you an a Aggie? If you'd like to look me up, I'm the only Mike Parks in Denver. My picture is waayy fuzzy, but I'm standing by a barbell, and I went to Millsaps College.
  7. by   mseaton
    So for everyone else who has posted on this thread who is starting in the Jan. 2013 cohort... if you search for Metro State ANO/BSN 2013-2014 on facebook hopefully that group shows up in a search feed and you can ask to join it, and that way we can communicate easier! If not just find me on facebook (info above) and I can add you to the group!
  8. by   carlyt1
    I added you both as friends and requested to join the group don't be concerned about the random girl adding you on Facebook please!

    Luckily I work for a school now so I've been able to ask a lot of questions but still am looking at private loan options as well. I looked at WF and Chase, must say I feel more comfortable with Chase but I'm going to also explore credit unions next week!

    Good to meet you Meredith
  9. by   ec7855
    Hello everybody,

    Glad to see people are utilizing this thread and have taken it a step further into the wonderful world of facebook! The immunization records are kind of a pain but you should be able to work through it. As far as FAFSA goes, I received my amount and it's not providing much financial freedom. The interest rate is 6.8% which will hurt but I suppose it's one of our only options. Anyone find a better rate at a local credit union? Also, coming from Detroit, I need to find new health insurance. The health insurance provided by the school is around $150/month but it looks pretty good. Anyone know of a good insurance provider in Denver that's reasonably priced and has descent coverage? I feel a little handicapped because of my location and I apologize to keep asking questions I could probably figure out with hours of research but we're all in this together and would appreciate some advice. Thanks and looking forward to meeting all of you! -Mike Barrett
  10. by   Izzy11
    I graduated from the program in May 2012 and I thought I'd share a couple of things that annoyed me with the requirements, although it might be a little late. When I started the program, the school health center had some extra immunization requirements that weren't on the list that the nursing program sent us and we didn't find out about them until orientation. So we had to go back to our doctors to get the extra shots and/or documentation. They also didn't tell us until orientation that we need scrubs for lab, which meant a lot of us had to run out and get some because we didn't have any. The ones you order during orientation for clinicals won't come in until several weeks into the semester.

    The nursing kit or whatever it's called is just lab supplies. They have you order it on your own because it would be too much work for them to get it approved as a program fee. Of course for what the tuition costs, you'd think the stuff would be included.
  11. by   parksmj

    Thanks so much for the information. I've actually taken classes at Metro and didn't realize that they had additional immunization requirements. Can you let us know what you thought of the program overall? Have they mentioned if they've taken the steps necessary to have their NLN accreditation reinstated?

    I have a million questions about the program. I'm super excited, but they haven't been exactly forthcoming about what our schedules will look like once we start. Also, if you'd like to unload some text books, let me know.

  12. by   Izzy11

    The program had its ups and downs. The faculty was extremely supportive and really wanted us to succeed. They really prepared us well for the NCLEX - my class had a 100% pass rate on the first try.

    My primary gripe is they didn't give us any support at all with finding jobs. They did a huge disservice by telling us not to work while we were in the program. Most of us found out when it was too late that the hospitals hire their employees first for the new grad spots, so if you are working as a CNA (you can get your license after the first semester), you have a huge advantage in getting a job.

    Also, we had no input at all into our clinicals unlike at other schools. This was especially annoying for the senior practicum when they kept telling us that everyone would be doing med/surg so it didn't matter, but then quite a few people ended up in peds, ICU, or other specialty units and no effort was made to give those spots to the people who were really interested in them. I had a classmate who did peds and he wasn't interested in it at all while others who really wanted to do peds didn't get the chance. And everyone who was working at a hospital did their practicum at that hospital.

    Our schedule the first semester was lectures on Monday/Wed/Thurs and labs on Tues/Fri.

    I don't know what's going on with the accreditation. They went through the reaccreditation process with the site visits and such while I was there and they told us that they passed everything.

    The only books I have left are assessment, med/surg, and OB. If they are still using the same ones, I'd be happy to sell them to you cheap. PM me.
  13. by   Wendilee
    I am very happy I found you guys! I am getting ready to apply for this program. I would love any information that I could get including stats, housing, intensity, quality, etc!!!!