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    I have applied for Metro's 2012 ANO program. I am also planning to go out of this country for a few months until Nov. Does anyone know when are they gonna send us the decision letters and if I am admitted, how long do they give us to finish the criminal backgrond check and drug screenning test? I need to decide when I have to come back. Any ideas? Tnanks a lot!

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    I applied this year too! I also applied last year and I got put on the alternates list. I found out in mid-November by snail mail. So I am guessing as long as you have all of your stuff done BEFORE school starts in January then you will be just fine. So you would have about 2 months. But you never know. I'm sure I'm not as helpful as someone who actually got into the program, but I hope I helped a little!
    Good luck!
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    I found out right before Thanksgiving by email and snail mail. It's pretty rushed getting everything done by January, but they will work with you on it.
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    Thank you so much for replying! I think I am gonna come back on Nov 21, do you guys think it is ok?
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    Some of us alternates only had a few days notice and got everything done just fine. I would get your BLS done or at least scheduled. Even that though, as long as it's done before you start your clinicals you should be fine. The backround check involves you signing a form, the drug test involves you peeing into a cup. You buy your liability insurance online. Same with applying for financial aid. Not sure what would make things so rushed with 2 months to do so. I would think Nov 21 is plenty of time.

    It's a great program. Good luck to you!
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    Thank you! But what is BLS?
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    Quote from Audrey22
    Thank you! But what is BLS?
    Basic Life Support!
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    Quote from SC_RNDude
    Not sure what would make things so rushed with 2 months to do so. I would think Nov 21 is plenty of time.
    We didn't have two months, we had about 6 weeks. And the holidays were in the middle of it which makes it harder to get everything done. We were told everything needed to be done before class started, when in actuality a lot of the stuff like the immunizations, liability insurance, and such just need to be done until you start clinicals.
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    By the way, after you submited the application, are they gonna give us something to comfirm that they have received it?
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    I don't recall getting anything.

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