Job Market In Colorado springs for experienced RN? Job Market In Colorado springs for experienced RN? | allnurses

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Job Market In Colorado springs for experienced RN?

  1. 0 Hi,I am an RN-BSN nurse with five years of army nursing experience ( everything from ICU to Postpartum). My husband is still in the army (I just got out) and we are relocating to Colorado springs. I am a little scared about the job market in Colorado. I have a child and one on the way( in December. I wonder if it would be a good idea for me to wait until this next one is out and past four months to start looking? I am not real picky but I do miss nursing and if I had a choice would prefer a civilan hospital right now. Any advice or resources are greatly appretiated.
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    I will pipe up with my experience (limited). It can be done, but you should have some $ saved up for the wait. I moved here the end of January. I got my CO license and started applying beginning of December last year. I put in probably 100 applications. I waited and waited and waited. Just as my savings acct was approaching 0, I got a job the first week of Feb. As soon as I accepted the job (my 1st choice), all the other places called. Point being? Slow HR's here. 2 of the job offers were from Colorado Springs (CCU and tele floor).
    I don't know how close you are to CO, but the one unit in CO Springs was willing to do a phone interview with me. I went in anyway (CCU). The manager and educator seemed very helpful and professional. The unit was VERY nice. It was difficult to turn down. If I had little ones to think about - I would probably apply from where you are currently living and see what happens - but get your CO license, as they won't even look at you without it.
    Good luck in what ever you decide!
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    Thanks for replying. I will probably start trying to look now. We relocate in July. I saved a bunch of money saved(The army keeps you busy so no time to spend). I also just got my Colorado liscense. It seems you can get a job but you have to hustle for it. I actually worked as a civilian teaching as a clinical instructor at an ADN program. I was supposed to have a masters but I knew the staff and it worked well. I am very nervous that people may not hire me because I am pregnant (I am allready showing). I may rethink working at the base hospital or the VA. I just wanted some civilan experience other then being a clinical instructor. I really appretiate then input.