I want to join the Denver Health Emergency Department team! Guidance?

  1. Hello there:

    I am new grad who has been worked in ER's for over five years now and I am excited about the move to Denver. I've done my homework and have found that Denver Health not only appeals to my desire to work at a Level 1 Trauma Center, but I find their focus on integrative care very exciting. It is so encouraging to discover a hospital that embodies such progressive values and seems to implement it so successfully. So it is all just PR? Judging from what I've read on here, and from a variety of news sources (not just the propaganda on their website ) they have some integrity. And is the emphasis on "lean" the 5S model? The systems that were originally developed in Japanese manufacturing? I am a bit of an efficiency geek so I like the sound of that too. Sounds like the real deal. One of the posts said something like "DH is great if you want to deal with Riff Raff." Yup, that's my crowd.

    So are their any DH staff who have seen new grads with extensive tech experience get hired in specialty areas, specifically the ER? I've attached my resume to show what "extensive" means to me, as tech's do different things in different places. I know I may need to cast a wider net but I'd like to start with where I really want to be and go from there.

    I attached it as a PDF with my private details covered. Do you think I have a chance or is the market just too saturated? Thank you for your honest guidance.



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  3. by   SummitRN
    1. Make your resume 1 page
    2. I'm confused, your nursing program only had 305 hours of precepted clinicals??????? They won't like that. CO RN programs are 600-1300 hours of clinical.
    3. Looks like you'll like Colorado a lot.
    4. They will like your EMT-B
    5. The job market for new grads in Denver is BEYOND AWFUL. People who graduated in CO are leaving CO to get jobs. I'd advise you to find a job BEFORE moving here or you might end up living in employee housing working ski patrol.

    That's about all I know. I don't work there.

    ETA: Looks like you already moved according to the resume. You can't just change the background text. You have to delete the text otherwise you can copy and paste.
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  4. by   narnnehc
    How did the job application process go? My resume reads very similar to yours and I will be graduating in July and would love to move to Denver and work at Denver Health. (I live in Pennsylvania now). I'm curious how difficult is it to start as a new grad in Denver. Maybe if you had success, I could too!
  5. by   Jerimiah

    I am living in Denver now and started my job search months ago back in Florida. While I've had no leads at DH (I think they're on a hiring freeze, because there are suddenly no RN jobs posted) but I have had a few interviews at other hospitals since I arrived. It took a few weeks back in Florida just to figure out the choices and each hospitals new grad policies and so on. Research research research, and filling out tons of online applications, talking with recruiters, and so on. It was like having a second job, just to look for work. And as you may have gathered from the chatter on this site, this is a very changing market for a new grad. But once you get an interview, you'll be able to sell yourself well given your experience. I hope that's helpful! Just my perspective and may not be scalable to you.

  6. by   narnnehc
    Well thanks for the input. I have one year to figure everything out, hopefully it will work in my favor.