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Except that it is beautiful, I love snowboarding, and it has always been a dream to pack up all my belongings and move there, if only for a couple years. So I am toying with this idea a little... Read More

  1. by   heartlover
    Porter Adventist in Denver is a Centura hospital that offers a "peri-op 101" course to train nurses to become OR nurses. Most applicants have at least one year of previous nursing experience in another area of nursing. I don't know when they post the class or if it is up year round but it is under normal job listings on the Centura.org site.
  2. by   freshairfund
    Argo how do you afford to live there? I am coming from a big city where I do not have a car. Will I need to get a car there? I am worried about finding a permanent affordable place to live. I just feel with rent, a car, car insurance, and my mega monthly student loan payment I will not be able to make ends meet. What is your feedback on that?
  3. by   SummitRN
    Living in the mountains is all about quality of environment while sacrificing niceties because you accept a high cost of living without a proportional increase in earnings. While free, the Vail public transit system kind of sucks if you want to go shopping or to the post office or do somewhere outside of Vail... having a car is pretty important in a community economically built around serving tourists and the wealthy.