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I did it! I applied to the Nurse residency Program at Children's Hospital Colorado! Now I get to wait. I won't hear if I got an interview until Dec 21st, so if the world doesn't end I will come back and let you know what... Read More

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    Oh nice! You'll have to let me know how it goes! I interview 1/24!
    I can forward the first email to you if you'd like!

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    Hey everyone! I am going to be applying for the August cohort as I graduate in early June (hopefully I can sit for the NCLEX quick enough) I was wondering if any of you got accepted into the program and if so do you have advice for me? My GPA is 3.62, my capstone is in the ICU at Good Sam, I did my community health rotation with special needs pre-k kids and I have grown up around children in my grandmother's daycare. Is there anything else I should do from now until April when I apply? Any advice is very much appreciated!
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    Hello, I am a nurse graduate, and I wanted to inquire on what you did, or the application process for the Nurse residency Program at Children's Hospital Colorado. If you could give me some information on that, it would be great.. thank you

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