How long for ATT, test date, license.

  1. Hi all,Any recent graduates willing to share how long it took to get your ATT after applying through DORA? I'm also wondering what was the timeframe for the earliest test date you could have gotten? Last question - how long once you passed the NCLEX until you have your CO license number? I am an out of state student establishing residency.Than you.
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  3. by   lkk0718
    It took about a week and a half from dropping off transcripts at DORA to getting ATT. By the time I signed up at PearvsonVue there were still test dates available from the second week out. I dropped off my transcripts right before Christmas.
  4. by   Southern Magnolia
    Ikk0718 thanks so much. I wish I could have done mine that early but my university did not post my degree until the 3rd. I hand delivered my application yesterday so hopefully it moves quickly.
  5. by   UCAFblue
    I graduated last May, but it took about 2 weeks from when I dropped off my transcripts/application to when I got my ATT. There were test dates a couple weeks out. After I passed NCLEX, it took only 3 days for my license to be posted online, and then maybe another week to get the actual paper license. Good luck with it all!!
  6. by   Southern Magnolia
    For those happening by this thread later, I thought I'd update as I go. I got my ATT today - 1 week after dropping everything off with Dora and two days after my application was loaded in the system where I could update the healthcare providers profile. I am scheduled to test the 31st (almost 3 weeks out). I'm hoping cancelations will pop up before then so that I can test a little earlier but I'm thinking that will give me enough time based on what I'm reading on here regarding the timing of the license number being made available and what others have told me.
  7. by   chyna016
    That is such great news!
    I told everyone graduating in December ruined the holidays, but we have gotten our ATTs much faster than the May grads :-)
  8. by   Southern Magnolia
    Can't edit for some reason . . . that should have read "1 week after dropping everything off with DORA and two BUSINESS days after my application was loaded in the system . . .".

    chyna016 - now if we could just get a test date a bit sooner. I did catch a cancelation and moved mine up to the 28th. Hopefully, I'll be able to do that again and get it done a bit sooner.
  9. by   chyna016
    What about North Platte or Casper? I looked at moving up mine, and Casper had some closer dates, but I decided to stick with my original date.
  10. by   Southern Magnolia
    Nothing right now chyna016 I'm checking both of those and the two here. I looked at maybe going to AZ but it only made a few days difference and I just can't justify the cost of the flight unless I get it moved up more than that.
  11. by   Southern Magnolia

    I ended up getting an earlier test date in pueblo. I tested 1/23 and my license number posted this afternoon with DORA. It took six days! Woohoo! I'm official.
  12. by   lkk0718
  13. by   chyna016
    It all worked out! I was worried when I saw your timeframe, I have heard the U pretty firm about having your license by the start date.

    Mine just posted also, and took 9 business days.
  14. by   Southern Magnolia
    Wow chyna016 that was even longer than mine. I'm very relieved it is done. I probably would have been fine testing the 28th but I 'm glad I didn't have to wait.