How did you pay for school?

  1. I was just wondering how everyone paid for school? Is there special scholorships out there for furture nurses? I have only applied for financial aid so far because I'm just doing my pre-recs. What else can I apply for and where do I look?
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  3. by   RoseYonnex
    If you go to a community college in Colorado (I assume you are from colorado) the tuition rates are low. Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood is $40 a credit hour. Front Range is $60. If you get into one of these schools, I would just self-pay. Ending up with all those student loans at the end is nasty!! I would highly recommend to anyone not to go into debt for a career that really doesn't pay that much at the lower levels. (But that is just one person's opinion) I have been there, done that with student loans.

    There is also a program for rural nurses in Colorado. (I don't think it's specific to colorado). But if you have taken out student loans, at the end of your schooling you can made a 2-3 year committment to work at a rural hospital in exchange for repayment of your loans.

    Here is a link to that program:

    Good luck with your school!!

  4. by   kc ccurn
    If you work in a hospital, some offer tuition reimbutsement. However you have to pay for semester up front, then get reimbursed at the end of the semester. My hospital reminburses about $3000 a year, won't pay for all but it will help.

    here is a link to different nursing scholarships available, look and see if any are for those going into nursing school, it may be mostly for nurses wanting to go back and advance their degree.

    I paid for school by waiting tables. I still sometimes feel like a waitress..:chuckle

    Good luck!
  5. by   enfermeraSG
    I have spent quite awhile working on this one myself, and here's what I've come up with to avoid debt.
    *there are area hospitals that now offer full-ride scholarships if you commit to working there postgrad (1yr for every year they pay for)
    *of course, you can pay for it yourself
    *there is a website where you can register for free and search a huge database of nursing scholarships based on your info:
    *and then, companies that offer tuition reimbursement(hospitals, etc) you pay for the first semester.........then when they reimburse you, apply that towards your next semester, and so on......