Got Accepted to Arapahoe Comm. College for Nursing Fall 2012!!!!

  1. I was wondering if anyone else on here did!
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  3. by   Ellsworth25
    I did too. The turn around was incredibly fast- I wasn't expecting to hear anything for a few more weeks.
  4. by   katehensley
    Woohoo congrats! Did you accept? And yes it was incredibly quick but I know at my information session Carmella said she'd have them out within 10 days.
  5. by   Ellsworth25
    yep. Sent off the paperwork the same day- and changed my major/ordered my background stuff yesterday. Now the waiting game until August.
  6. by   katehensley
    Same. well at least we know someone eh? honestly i cant wait but im terrified. plus i have to retake mat 103 and patho over the summer. but i dont mind honestly they were pretty cool classes.
  7. by   Ellsworth25
    Yeah Im taking patho over the summer- leaving 103 for the first semester as I have to have 12 credits for the GI Bill and already took nutrition. Im a bit nervous as well- but beyond ready to get this started.
  8. by   katehensley
    Are you located up there already? I'm currently located in the springs. And what other classes do u need to take then?
  9. by   Ellsworth25
    thats all I have to take- well except for a few language classes and statistics/ chemistry. but thats for UCDs accelerated asn-bsn program. So thats a few years off. And yes I live in Denver- arapahoe is about and hour and half away by bus- trying to get transportation before August. Are you going to move here? Thats a long commute otherwise!
  10. by   katehensley
    Good thing you're already planning for your bsn. And yes im trying to find a roomie and move up close to the college. It is was too much to drive up there five times a week. And are you saying you're an hour and a half away? If so that's long for being in Denver! That's like my commute
  11. by   Ellsworth25
    oh thats just by bus- In the car its about 20 minutes. Good luck finding a roommate- there are some cheapish studios in the baker neighborhood too- they are probably even cheaper in littleton though.
  12. by   katehensley
    Oh no why do you say that haha? And studios are even rough in Littleton. But I haven't done too much research. and baker? Where is that located according to Arapahoe?
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  13. by   Ellsworth25
    Oh not good luck in a bad way. Im sure you can find one! Baker is closer to capitol hill area- so it's still a bit off from littleton.
  14. by   katehensley
    Oh that's not to bad then. And thank you then for the good luck. Good luck finding good transportation im so ready for orientation