Got Accepted to Arapahoe Comm. College for Nursing Fall 2012!!!!

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    I was wondering if anyone else on here did!

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    I did too. The turn around was incredibly fast- I wasn't expecting to hear anything for a few more weeks.
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    Woohoo congrats! Did you accept? And yes it was incredibly quick but I know at my information session Carmella said she'd have them out within 10 days.
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    yep. Sent off the paperwork the same day- and changed my major/ordered my background stuff yesterday. Now the waiting game until August.
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    Same. well at least we know someone eh? honestly i cant wait but im terrified. plus i have to retake mat 103 and patho over the summer. but i dont mind honestly they were pretty cool classes.
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    Yeah Im taking patho over the summer- leaving 103 for the first semester as I have to have 12 credits for the GI Bill and already took nutrition. Im a bit nervous as well- but beyond ready to get this started.
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    Are you located up there already? I'm currently located in the springs. And what other classes do u need to take then?
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    thats all I have to take- well except for a few language classes and statistics/ chemistry. but thats for UCDs accelerated asn-bsn program. So thats a few years off. And yes I live in Denver- arapahoe is about and hour and half away by bus- trying to get transportation before August. Are you going to move here? Thats a long commute otherwise!
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    Good thing you're already planning for your bsn. And yes im trying to find a roomie and move up close to the college. It is was too much to drive up there five times a week. And are you saying you're an hour and a half away? If so that's long for being in Denver! That's like my commute
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    oh thats just by bus- In the car its about 20 minutes. Good luck finding a roommate- there are some cheapish studios in the baker neighborhood too- they are probably even cheaper in littleton though.

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