Exempla Hospitals

  1. I'm looking at 2 exempla hospitals for ER work. Can anyone tell me anything about good sam and lutheren?
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  3. by   BrightonRN
    I just worked with an agency nurse that worked at good sam. he asid that they have unrealistic expectations of their nurses related to the hospital being so new, and aiming for best in the nation. He was in ICU though. My hubby had surgery there and they were absolutely wonderful. it is really beautiful
  4. by   ftp2000

    I have friends that work at good sam. Have not heard many positive things. Lots of turnovers and rumors about terminations. I've heard the same about some best in nation causing unrealistic expectations for staff. Others say that HR is not good at returning phone calls to people that apply so you have to contstantly call (someone said they heard one applied for 50 positions and never received a call) Sounds like you should do some research before considering this place.
  5. by   cosmetic tattooist
    I worked at St joe's Exempla. Have alll great things to say. Worked in the OR as a traveler and then PRN. I drove 3 hours to get there but it was well worth the drive. I had been an OR nurse for 20 years and know good and not good. They try to take care of there nurses. Give St Joes a try.