DSN-July 2012 BSN students

  1. Any students here going to interview for the July start date? I just got the call two weeks ago and can't wait! Also if anyone is going to be driving from south of Denver (I'm in Castle Rock) Let me know because we could possibly figure out some kind of car pool schedule on days it would work.
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  3. by   amma21888
    I am also interviewing for the July start date coming up in a few weeks! I won't be commuting, I live only a few minutes from the school. When is your interview scheduled for? I would love to hear how it goes if its before mine on the 22nd.
  4. by   MNICHO12
    Sorry I didn't write back in time mine is August 5th! How did your interview go?!
  5. by   MNICHO12
    April 5th**
  6. by   amma21888
    The interview went well! The interview part was very quick, he only asked me a few questions. I also got a tour of the building, saw classrooms and walked down the street to the annex building and saw all the labs. Overall, it was a pretty laid back meeting. He made it clear that it is an accelerated, full time program and he went over their status of being accredited and wanted to make sure I understood all of it. I signed up to take the HESI on April 4th, so I will post how that goes as well.
  7. by   MNICHO12
    Sounds great hope the HESI went well!
  8. by   sweeto413
    I am applying for the July 2013 start and I am so nervous about applying/trying to get into nursing school. I really want to go to DSN and do the BSN program with previous college credit, but nervous about the placement exam. I am looking for advice about getting in etc. I have a ton of awesome volunteer work, but no work experience in the hospital. I will have completed all pre reqs by May 2013- and all from a Colorado community college. I'm not nervous about the interview part- just want to get accepted! I have only applied to DSN and CU, but CU seems so much bigger and so hard to get into.
    Any advice will help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! about getting in, taking the exam, literally anything! Thanks!