Denver School of Nursing, July 2017 cohort

  1. Hello all!

    Just wondering if anyone else had applied for July. My friend called today and the lady said they would be letting everyone know by the end of the week if they would need to schedule their interview!
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  3. by   TinaUyen85
    I haven't heard from them either, this week is the 6th week from the application closing day. I have been checking my email all the time. I am glad you said something. Thank you!I was wondering if they still send emails to students who are not accepted as well.
  4. by   cmac21
    My friend and I were wondering if they sent them out to not accepted as well. I guess we will find out. My friend and I think that since the lady said Friday it probably won't be until Friday since schools always like to keep us waiting!
  5. by   cmac21
    Just so you know I just got my acceptance so be watching your email!
  6. by   TinaUyen85
    Same here, just go the acceptance email this afternoon. I hope all of us received their emails by now. Good luck! I guess I will see you in July!
  7. by   cartyl92
    I got an email as well! Hopefully we can get to know each other before July!
  8. by   amacarmona
    Hey all,

    I wasn't officially accepted for July start, but am on the waitlist. They notified me via email before the 6 week mark, in case anyone out there had questions or is in the same boat. Got my fingers crossed!
  9. by   bnielsen
    I'm in the same boat! On the alternate list. Sure hoping for the best.
  10. by   cmac21
    My friend also made alternate but apparently when she called the lady said they end up taking a lot of their alternates so fingers crossed!
  11. by   tanasolorio
    Hello all,

    I am currently applying to Denver school of nursing the October 2017 start. I am currently struggling with the personal statement part. I was wondering if any of you have tips or advice for me.

    Thank you so much!

    Destiny Solorio
  12. by   ANNAREESE
    I think a lot of spots should open up! I just gave mine up yesterday, I hope y'all get to start this July!
  13. by   cmac21
    Mine was really just about my decision to persue nursing. I briefly mentioned my cna experience as well. I wouldn't stress too much about it. Just talk about what led you to this field!
  14. by   kahinshaw
    Hello everyone! I am also on the alternate list for the July start. Has anyone else on the alternate list heard back yet? Good luck to all!