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Hello everyone! I am starting this thread for those of you who are interested in the process of getting into Denver School of Nursing. Throughout the years, I have found that not many nursing students are willing to offer much... Read More

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    The interview is pretty chill, there was a bad blizzard when i whent so that might be the reason it wasnt as formal! The hesi isnt to bad either but you should study a bit for it! I start in three werks and i am super ziked!!!! good luck to everyone my best advice would be dont give up on your dream of becoming a nurse!!
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    Hey all, I wonder about pre-req; everybody who already got in ,have you guys took your a&P classes from DSN? Do I have take one or two pre-req from DSN ? Please let me know, thank you so much.
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    Hi there, very informative post! Thanks! I know this is a very late post. But do you have any information about when you have to officially commit to the program? How close is it to the start date?

    I am waiting to hear from CU and I am afraid I am cutting it close on waiting for CU and having to commit to DSN.

    Any info would be great!!