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Hi there, I'm starting this thread for people interested in the Denver School of Nursing. I'm starting the BSN program in Oct 2006, and I'm going to try and post regularly to give new/prospective students an idea of what to... Read More

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    Hi 2BJenurse,
    I'm a DSON BSN grad, have had no troubles with jobs, and will be starting studies for my NP in a couple months. I am also part of the school's program advisory board. The NLN accreditation takes a long time and the school is still working on it ... lots of hoops to jump through. They've even got one person dedicated to working on just that. I personally have not regretted attending DSON one bit ... and work with 2 other DSON grads.

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    Adventuregirl- that's great to hear!!! Do you remember if the program goes straight through the summer or are summers off? I'm flying out for my interview and test in 2 weeks and can't wait to see the place! Although nervous about the hesi test. I read somewhere that they give you a calculator , is this true?
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    2BJenurse - Classes did go through the summer. As for the Hesi test ... sorry, don't know anything about it as I did not have to take it.
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    The hesi isn't that big of a deal. They will help you study for it and pass. I got over a 950 on it (you only need an 850 to pass). Just study and you will be alright
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    That's great to hear!! I am really looking forward to the program, I did the interview and passed the entrance test, so I was verbally given a seat in the oct. 2010 class. Does anyone know how long it takes for the NLNAC accreditation process? I understand that they are candidates and will have a visit in the spring sometime- how long does it take NLN to make a decision? anyone have an insight?

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    Hopefully they get accredited soon, that would be a huge step for them. I'm not sure how long the accreditation takes. you will do great in school and if you need anything or help let me know!
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    I am new to Colorado...YAY! I have been contemplating on whether to go to Regis or DSON. You say that a lot of people are trying to get into DSON? Do you happen to know how many applied during the last application period and how many they accept?

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    My wife is currently applying to DSON. I have concerns on the accreditation status. Numerous threads on this site show the school has been working the NLNAC since at least 2006. Generally, a two year school term is reviewed for a successful accreditation and it appears the school has failed at least twice now to get the accreditation. From what I have seen, some hospitals will only be concerned with the NCLEX license. I have reviewed government positions, of which we have many VA and military facilities in Colorado, and they require not only the state license, but also an education degree from an accredited program. Check out This means a DSON graduate is shut out from these positions, at present time. I also found some (not all) positions on the Penrose hospital site listed "accredited degree." I suspect private hospitals have lattitude, I don't think the military or VA facilities do. For those wishing to pursue masters level work, I would be very wary of attending a non-accredited school. If you graduate and the school is not accredited at the time, you will be out of luck. There is clearly a trade-off with avoiding the huge wait lists of most schools and getting an approved, but not accredited, degree.
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    You make some great points and I too share some of the same concerns. With that said though, I am still going forward with DSoN. Before moving to Colorado, I was all set to go into a BSN program. The programs in all surrounding areas there were accredited and I had never heard of an unaccredited college. The programs were also mainly lottery driven, so one may have to wait a few years to get it. My problem here is that the clock is ticking and my prerequisites will not be good in five years which is how long I hear the waitlists are here. Because I am unwilling to retake them, I am somewhat and reluctantly forced to go into a program like DSoN.

    I am curious, why is your wife applying to DSoN if you are not sold on it? What program at DSoN is she applying for?
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    Jjhc2006- when are you starting the bsn program at dson? Are you in Colorado now?

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