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Hi there, I'm starting this thread for people interested in the Denver School of Nursing. I'm starting the BSN program in Oct 2006, and I'm going to try and post regularly to give new/prospective students an idea of what to... Read More

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    I just saw a DSN student at PVH in Fort Collins yesterday. I had no idea they came out this far North. First time I have ever seen one.

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    I was wondering if any DSN alumni have gotten into graduate school, besides the University of Phoenix or Kaplan? Please let me know, because I want to get my MSN in education! Thanks
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    Does anyone know the status of DSN's accreditation? I think the most recent posts said they would probably know in June.

    And does anyone know what kind of jobs DSN grads are getting recently? Or if they are having a harder time getting jobs competing with other new nursing grads?

    Any info would be helpful, thanks!
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    Regional changed their rules at their last meeting, stating that schools must be in "candidate" status for four years rather than two. So, we will be waiting two more years. The NLN is doing a final site visit on August 24-25.

    As far as jobs go, 91% of last year's graduating classes were placed in jobs.

    Hope this helps!
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    anyone applying for july 2012 I'm going to be using my gi bill so money is really not an issuie
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    I have been researching this school for some time now, deciding on whether or not I should apply and attend. I finally decided to apply for the July start date and was feeling pretty good about my decision based on the reviews on this website. However, I recently have came across some reviews online that are making me change my mind. There are quite a few recent reviews from students stating how unprofessional and horrible the school is. Many of them say they are transferring and would not reccomend the school to anyone. Yikes!

    Heres the website:
    Denver School of Nursing - Student Reviews

    Are there any current or recent DSN students that would say the same thing? Or anyone who has attended DSN in the past year that would have something positive to say about the school? After reading those reviews I want to make sure I am attending a decent school and I wont be getting myself into a mess by attending DSN.

    Any info helps, thanks!
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    I saw those blogs as well and to me it looks like a group of students that didn't pass some courses and had to leave the program. I'm sure they're very frustrated because the program isn't easy. If they're still in school and are having problems I think it's sad that they would knock the very school they'll be graduating from. No program is perfect but I know that my classmates like me were very happy with our education and the care and help we got from the DSN staff. I think if the program was bad you would see more than a few unhappy students bloging out of some 1200 graduates. I was told yesterday by my friend that's still attending DSN that the 2011 NCLEX pass rates posted on the State Board of Nursing website show DSNs NCLEX pass rates as high if not higher for both ADN and BSN than most Colorado schools. In fact higher than Regis! Check it out for yourself and see, I think that's the best way.
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    DSN won't let their students take NCLEX unless they pass a HESI that pretdicts a very high chance of passing NCLEX. That is even if a student otherwise passes their courses. And what percentage of students who start a DSN cohort get booted out of hte program before that final HESI?

    Other schools filter on the front end with 5% or 10% acceptance rates into the program and have every student that starts the program prove capable of graduating and sitting for NCLEX even if 5% or 10% having to take NCLEX a second time.

    Is it better to be filtered out of nursing after you put in 2 years and $50K?

    NCLEX first-time-pass rates aren't always comparable between schools.
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    When I was a DSN student we took the HESI exams from the start and all through the program. The students that didn't pass either dropped out way before the end of the program or got help from the instructors and retook the courses they needed to pass. That being said, 93% of the students I started with in my cohort graduated. The 2011 NCLEX numbers just got posted on the state board website and since DSN has as many graduates if not more than CU and Regis every year, I think it's very easy to compare numbers. I had a great expierence at DSN and really am doing well at my job because of the level of my skills learned there. I'm wondering if some of these negative posts are from students that didn't make it through. I've heard from talking to graduates from Regis and CU where I work that they wouldn't call their schools programs perfect either. The biggest result for me was that I passed the NCLX, have a great job and I didn't have to apply 3 or 4 times or wait years to get started like some of my co-workers did.
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    I am a current DSN student. I am in the full BSN and am in my second quarter of the actual RN courses. However I have been at DSN since April 2010, as I took my pre-req there as well ( so actually this is my 8th quarter at DSN). I must say that I have seen some of the horrible reviews about DSN and I truly believe that they were made by students who did not pass. Before applying keep in mind that DSN is an accelerated program. While it is not competitive, it is challenging, because our grading scale is askew. While most colleges say passing is a 70, at DSN you must have a 78 to pass any course. This is a 78% requirement on tests and quizzes only, which means that your papers and careplans do not count toward passing you, they just "fluff" your grade. The HESI is the reason I think DSN does so well on the NCLEX (check a recent story in the Denver Post, as DSN has one of the highest NCLEX averages in the country), because with each nursing course you must take the HESI which counts as your final. It counts for 20% of your grade and you get two tries to take it. The labs are awesome and, in my opinion, really give you hands on experience. I went to Platt College for two quarters before going to DSN and I must say DSN's lab is AMAZING! At Platt, they had three beds and you only got to try something once. At DSN you MUST practice AT LEAST three or four times and get checked off by a faculty member. Most of the faculty is very helpful and obviously want you to succeed. One thing I know people are turned off by is that DSN is not NLN Accredited. The Associate Dean recently came to talk to all of the classes and explained why on our last visit, the NLN folks thought they needed more data before giving us our accreditation. You see, when NLN came out they gave every student a survey to fill out. Many students used this to complain, as if the NLN had the ability to fire a difficult teacher or give us free parking. Therefor the NLN decided we needed to have better communication between faculty and students. Since then the SNA and the faculty have been working diligently to improve our school. The NLN is coming back to walk through DSN and see our changes later this month. Platt College recently became NLN accredited, and because of my history there I know that if they could get it, DSN will get it as well. All in all DSN is a great place. Students are friendly, faculty is competent and knowledgable and has an all-around family feeling.It is very diverse and they give you what you need to be a safe and competent RN. Good Luck to prospective students!!!

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