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Denver area experienced RN BSN job outlook

  1. 0 I've been reviewing some of the other threads, but wanted updated opinions. My husband and I would like to relocated to the Denver area in July/August. I know the market is a bit saturated especially for new grads. However, I have 1+ year experience in mother/baby and will have 6 months (I know it's not much) in L&D when we relocate. We won't be able to move unless I secure a job beforehand. Do people do phone interviews or are they unlikely to even consider me due to the distance/competition? How does the market look in this area with RN, BSN with a bit of experience? I was thinking I'd contact nurse recruiters as well. Thanks ahead of time
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    I posted a response to you in the OB forum
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    I am in a similar position, except that I live here. Recruiters usually do a short phone interview and then schedule you to interview with the department manager. I imagine that hiring someone from another state is not anything new to hospitals, so I am sure that there is a process for that. The downside to that is that you won't be able to physically see the unit and do a tour. In person candidates may make a stronger impression, but maybe not. Just so you have an idea, it has taken about 5 weeks of having my resume out there for things to start coming together. Also, I think the Centura hospitals are all LDRP's, everyone else is M/B or L&D. I think you will do okay with the experience you have.