CU Denver Accelerated BSN Spring 2013 - page 2

So the application just opened. I am working hard on my essay, wanted to see how many others out there are in the boat with me.... Read More

  1. by   COmed
    An interview? for CU Denver? Are you sure it's not Regis? I am very surprised, I don't think there has ever been an interview included in the application process, or is this a new thing? I have so far on my application online in the CU portal as "your application is complete and being reviewed by the dept. A decision will soon be made."
  2. by   amc074
    Definitely CU Denver. I suppose this is something new they are doing starting this admissions cycle. Here is the email I received last week:

    Dear Prospective Nursing Student,

    Thank you for your application to the Bachelor of Science Program at the University Of Colorado College Of Nursing.

    As the final step in the admission process, we would like to invite you to an on-campus interview on July 16. If you can participate in the on-campus interview on July 16, and want to continue in the admission process, please email me by June 28 at -----------

    The details of the Interview Day will be sent out July 2.
  3. by   hopefulinCO
    So I'm guessing no interview invite/no acceptance? But I'm not sure because the interview was added well after the application deadline.
  4. by   amc074
    Just fyi the interview day is absolutely mandatory and they are not budging about the in person on that day requirement. I had to withdraw my application because I just can't miss out on class and work and pay for a plane ticket and hotel in addition.
  5. by   kerleigh722
    Thats terrible that you had to withdrawl your application... this interview process must be BRAND new. My advisors didn't mention it and neither did the website. But at least you were a candidate I'm guessing no email for interview= no acceptance
    I'll still be crossing my fingers. I have no idea what I'm going to do if I don't get in, except reapply.
  6. by   Julesmama28
    I didn't apply to CU, but I'm on the western side of Co and applied to Colorado Mesa U. They just added interviews last fall, since the program is getting so competitive and some are admitted solely based on grades. They wanted a broader range of applicants, and to see if people really know what they are getting into. They added the interview to the LPN program this spring too, must be working well. Good luck to you all! I think interviewing can be nerve wracking, but can be to your advantage!
  7. by   amc074
    So I suppose CU must have gotten a bunch of emails like mine because I just got an email saying they are now offering a skype interview!
  8. by   kerleigh722
    did you get an email for an interview?
  9. by   amc074
    Yes, I got an email last week saying the next step in the process was their mandatory interview day. I sent them a response asking if I could do a skype interview because I live really far away, but they emailed me telling me the on campus interview day was mandatory for all applicants. I then sent them another email telling them I just couldn't make it and that I would have to drop out of the process. Today I got an email saying that they ended deciding to offer a group skype interview for the week following the interview day for the applicants that I guess are in my same situation and can't be there for the interview day.
  10. by   kerleigh722
    Well, at least they changed their mind before you withdrew your app!
    Mind me asking what your stats are, like GPA? I have a feeling I will have to reapply in August because my GPA is only a 3.4 cum and I graduate with my BS in Psych December 14. But I've been a CNA for 3 years. Most people seem to have a 4.0. :/
  11. by   amc074
    I don't have enough posts to send private messages yet, and I'm not comfortable posting it here, but I will say it definitely isn't 4.0. I am out of state though so my potential out of state tuition might be appealing to them.
  12. by   hopefulinCO
    I'm glad they re-considered, especially since the interview is a new step. Good luck to you!
  13. by   kerleigh722
    Oh ok, thanks for sharing. Well, good luck!!!