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I have narrowed my choices down to either Concorde or DSoN for my RN. I will not need to do pre-reqs (all will be done by the end of summer), does anyone have opinions on which is better and why? Concorde is a bit shorter, but... Read More

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    Sand Dollar, I think you might have the HESI and the TEAS mixed up. The HESI is what you take to get accepted and it has no science. The TEAS you take the first week of class and it doesn't impact your standing, its just for statistical value.
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    Oh thanks! Yeah, it was totally mixing me up - thanks! I am not worried about the HESI but the TEAS had me a little worried.
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    I graduated from Concorde in San Bernadino, Ca back in July 1992 from the LVN program it was a little expensive back then but it was accredited and I now travel with my husband due to military and never had an issue getting a license in states like GA, SC, TX,and NC. Also ,the school I attend for my RN did not have a problem with Concorde's accredation.
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    I currently attend DSN and will be starting my final quarter next month. I think the school is a good school and I find the faculty helpful. I also think it's all in the way we present ourselves. If someone has a negative experience anywhere and are quick to blame others, it's a possibility that someone brought it on him/herself. As well, as far as getting a job, I think it has a lot to do on how professional we are during the interview and what kind of work we are willing to do. As new graduate nurses, I believe we have to be open about shifts and what area of nursing we start in. We are not going to have jobs handed over to us on a silver platter when we graduate.

    Good luck to everyone starting DSN or considering DSN. It's a good school and has a lot of goals for the future.

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    ThePrestige omg! I graduated form DSON with my LPN 06' then my RN 07' the following year from this school. The school is great and extremely challenging. I have had experience from a previous nursing school in Cincy called Good Samartain Hospital School of Nursing in Ohio and it was as tough as the school that I graduated from. I had to move back to Colorado and I didn't finish school back in Cincy, but I am happy and have felt 100% ready to be on my own and I have been for the past year. I know plety of fellow students that have great jobs and have been promoted b/c they have a great understanding of there nursing knowledge. You must be one of those nurses that just have a bad attitude and are a crowd follower and probably have never researched or stepped foot in either school.
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    Hi there I am an LPN who went to concorde. I would like to tell you that all of my RN friends that went to concorde found really good jobs....and right away......... some in the hospitals and a couple of them went the LTC routt. I also have a friend who got her BSN at the DSoN and now works at Denver Health which was her first choice on where she wanted to work!!! Good luck with your future schooling-Maria
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    Can i ask hen you attended the LPN program at concorde? I am set to start there in August. I had heard a few bad things about their program and it had made me a little nervous. I want to go on to get my RN ( it just isn't financiallly posiible for me to right now) and was wondering if you know of any other schools accept transferred credits from concorde? Also, have you had a hard time finding a job? I would greatly appreciate feedback from anyone with any input in regards to this. Thanks in advance.
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    I am a current student at FRCC Westminster (LOVE IT! :redpinkhe)and I cannot imagine spending the kind of money it takes to go to Concorde or DSN. I am getting the same education for roughly 15000 (with living expenses) at FRCC. I know that DSN has the bachelors but for me it was not worth it. Good luck to you.
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    The price is much cheaper, but like for me in which I graduated from DSON Dec. 07... who in the HeCk wants to wait 4+ years to get into nursing school. It goes both ways. I have already paid off half my school loan w/i my first year of nursing!!
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    Quote from Niecystewka_RN
    The price is much cheaper, but like for me in which I graduated from DSON Dec. 07... who in the HeCk wants to wait 4+ years to get into nursing school. It goes both ways. I have already paid off half my school loan w/i my first year of nursing!!

    I agree with you. It may be cheaper but getting into school faster and working sooner pays off the loan. Plus, for me, getting my BSN in 21 months was a perk. I don't want to have to go back to school once I'm working as an RN.
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