Colorado Tech in Pueblo

  1. 0 I was wondering if anyone had any info on Colorado Tech in Pueblo? I looked on their site but there wasn't too much info. If anyone knew anything about the waitlist, price, or any info I would really appreciate it
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    Well after calling several different numbers I got to talk to a couple people at CTU and they answered a few of my question

    • There is no waitlist
    • You have to have a 3.0 GPA from another school to be able to apply
    • The pre reqs are included
    • The ADN program is 2 yrs...they also have a BSN program for RN's online
    • They take 25 students and it is based on the HESI/ACCUPLACER/Interview
    • They haven't graduated a class but will in September
    • They seem to accept pretty regularly(like a lot of the other trade schools) They are taking people in July and again in January
    • & the most IMPORTANT part there about 35k!

    They seemed nice but very much like talking to the other trade schools in the area. They over in Pueblo so we would have to relocate. I am not going to lie I am sort of debating putting it on my list, but also they are the same price as DSON and I wouldn't have to move.

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