Colorado State University - Pueblo Accelerated BSN

  1. Hey, I know there are some other threads out there on CSU-Pueblo, but I am looking to apply to the 2014 summer program and I was wondering if anyone else on here was looking at that program?

    This is for the accelerated 12 month 2nd degree BSN program. I am also curious to people who have applied and have been accepted in the past, did you have all of your pre-reqs completed when you applied? If not, how many would you say were completed and what types of grades did you have?

    I have a 3.567 GPA from my previous degree and mostly A's on my science pre-reqs. By the end of this spring term I'll have the minimum amount of pre-req credits required to apply (14 = A&P 1 & 2, lifespan psychology, and a foreign language) should I go ahead and apply then? Or wait until after my summer class and have another class completed under my belt? I was planning on taking Chemistry over the summer.
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  3. by   whitneyrose
    I am applying for the same program and would also like any information that would be useful for this process.

  4. by   hopefulinCO
    You can go ahead and apply without having completed all of the classes, as long as you have a plan to complete them. I am finishing my last 3 classes right now before the program starts. I don't know if the application is open yet, but it closes in Oct. I got my acceptance in Dec, and will be starting in May.
  5. by   ondracsa
    Hopeful, what did you do for your patho pre-req requirement? Were they picky about it?
  6. by   Phoenix Storm
    Dear Perspective Students interested in the Nursing Programs at Colorado State University - Pueblo,

    My name is Patricia Keller and I am the Nursing Graduate Program Associate at CSU-Pueblo. I would like to offer my assistance to help you get the information you need concerning the application process into our programs. For help with the Accelerated Program information I suggest you get in contact with Peggy Foley, B.S., the Advisor/Counselor for the Department of Nursing. Her information can be found on our website at:

    Peggy Foley

    She will be able to answer any question that you have concerning the application process, the requirements for the program, and any other questions you might have. If you have a hard time contacting her you can also contact me.

    Thanks for your interest in our program. I hope we can be of some assistance to you.

    Patricia Keller, B.A.
    Nursing Graduate Program Associate, Department of Nursing
  7. by   Colorado Hopeful
    Hello All, I am also planning on applying to this program. I visited the campus over the long July 4th weekend (my husband and I live in Boulder). It seems like a very solid program, and their accreditation is stable (not like Metro State's program, which is on warning). Also, Pueblo is the most reasonable in price. I've been applying to CU Denver for three cycles now, and will also be applying to Metro State. Pueblo will probably be my last choice, just because of the distance (I would have to move to Pueblo, while my husband would remain in Boulder). I am still excited to have it as an option! Who else is applying? If you are in the program, what has your experience been?
  8. by   altron2000
    Did you decide what school you will be attending?