Colorado Springs -- New Grad opportunities

  1. I've looked through older threads and know that Memorial offers a Residency program a few times a year, but just wondering, what other opportunities are there in Colorado Springs for new nurses? I really hope to avoid any kind of commute in the direction of Denver. Anybody have any news on Saint Francis Penrose? Are there other, maybe less well known hospitals/medical centers that have positions available? We are moving there in early summer so I'm just trying to get a jump start on the job hunt.
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  3. by   New808BornRN
    Hi!! Congrats on your move!!
    Memorial is very tough to get into right now, I believe they still have a hiring freeze.

    I've been applying at saint francis-penrose. All of my classmates that I graduated with (accelerated-August 2013) have only found hospital positions there.

    There is a pediatric home health company in town that hires new grads. Almost all of us have been employed by them (including myself). It's nursing experience!!

    All of my classmates are working. One got a NICU position at the children's hospital affiliated with memorial, a few at st. Francis-penrose, a few with psych nurse facilities, one at a snf, one at a rehab hospital (very acute!! And the pay is fabulous!!)

    So there are jobs in Colorado Springs, just might not be the hospital job at first. It could happen.

    One point I want to stress about the children's hospital at memorial. They do not want ANY RN experience. So if you really want to get into children's new grad residency program (it's competitive, but fantastic!!) then my suggestion is to work at Starbucks while waiting to hear if you've gotten a position there. Good luck!!