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  1. by   ald09010
    I put NICU, Emergency and Oncology so we'll see!!
  2. by   mdf2373
    i got a call last week for level 6!! i forgot to ask what the format of the interview was, and who we'd be interviewing with? Does anyone know anything about the interview process?
  3. by   chloemichelle8
    All I know is that it's about an hour and a half and there's a few people there. Not exactly sure who. A lot of scenario based questions.
  4. by   ald09010
    Have you guys already passed/taken the boards? I
  5. by   mdf2373
    Not yet! I take the nclex next week!
  6. by   mdf2373
    Has anyone heard back after interviews yet?
  7. by   mdmstudentnurse
    Hi there! I am a student nurse who is applying to the Colorado Children's Nurse Residency for Winter 2018 and am struggling with the supplemental application. What is your advice on how to approach the questions along with what are they looking for, especially in the preference of unit section and why you're best fit for the unit. Thanks!
  8. by   PeakRN
    CHCO ultimately wants someone who they believe will stay in the system for several years and not have significant aspirations above being a staff nurse. Anything about advanced practice or nursing leadership will hinder your chances. If you can stroke their ego they love that, they believe that they are the only system in Colorado capable of taking care of pediatrics (as a spoiler: the largest NICU (and still a level 4) goes to RMHC at PSL, most advanced surgical suite goes to RMHC, and the most number of pediatric field traumas goes to the UCH ran side of Memorial Hospital). If you had peditric rotations at some other hosptial write about why you think you would have a better experience at CHCO.

    They will want to see that you have pediatric experience, preferably medically related. If you can write something about your own childhood, your child's, or a sibling's medical problems they will prefer that.

    It is written on their website but it isn't really articulated well: They rarely are hiring all of the units that are listed. Often they are hiring the largest numbers to 6th floor, 8th floor, 9th floor, and med/surg at CHCO memorial central (all med/surg units). A decent number are hired to the NICU, but it is an insanely competitive unit to get into. The rest of the units rarely hire more than 1-2 people, and often are not hiring any. As of the last cohort I talked to they were making new grads sign a 2 year contract both to CHCO and the unit that you are hired to.

    Don't forget that CHCO is not the only hospital that hires new grads into pediatrics in Colorado, and good luck on your job search.

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