Children's Hospital Colorado - Fall 2012 Nurse Residency Application - page 2

Hi there, I submitted my application for the new graduate nurse residency program at Children's Hospital Colorado on June 2. For some reason, I could access it before it was officially posted... Maybe it's because I had a job... Read More

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    Hopefully. I also found a thread from people discussing the last Residency start date. It seemed like they got their answers a couple days late but I hate waiting and not knowing so hopefully we all do hear today!! (Good things)
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    thanks. so it looks like everyone is still waiting...
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    Yes still waiting
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    Looks like next week! Enjoy your weekend everyone!
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    Still waiting???
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    I am not sure if this is true or not, but someone told me that they made some calls over the weekend for interviews ... Again, just through the grapevine. I am sure we will know for sure in the next few days....
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    Still got nothing! I guess the timeline is just a mere suggestion!
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    Hey dreamwave,
    I wouldn't get too discouraged. I sort of doubt they would make calls over the weekend and I think at least one person in this group would have received one if they had. I am still going to be optimistic and take some deep breaths! I don't think people in Colorado like to work through the weekend =P

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    I still haven't heard....
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    Thanks, Christina I like your optimism. I know, I think the weekend thing would be a little weird. Although I must say that I know 2 people from my nursing cohort that got interview offers already. They may not be done contacting people yet though!! Until we get some sort of email I will keep optimistic

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