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Just seeing who has applied to the CU Nursing traditional program for a summer 2013 start. Has anyone been asked for an interview yet? I haven't heard anything yet. Thanks! Shannon... Read More

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    I hear they mix accelerated and traditional students in these interviews. Is that right? I wonder if they give a grade for our answers to each question...I don't understand really how we are being evaluated. My day is tomorrow - I really have butterflies....

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    I'm not sure about how all groups were divided, but my group was accelerated only (and a few of us accelerated also okay with being considered for traditional if not accelerated). The groups are predetermined before the interview starts.
    I'm not totally sure, but I think you are scored for your essay, GPA (and the science pre-reqs), as well as your interview, then they evaluate your total score. I'm sure a lot of the point of the interview is too see if you are polite, enthusiastic about the program (really intend to attend if accepted/have done a little homework), and give an impression that you can commit to and succeed in the program. Also perhaps to see if anyone is rude, aggressive (speaking over others/not listening to others or what's being asked) or seem uninterested despite high GPA's and well-written essays.
    My group had only four students, not five like they said in the email. Also, the interview was almost the last part of the day, not right after check-in like my email said. The interviewers were friendly. The day was interesting and almost over by noon. There weren't very many questions, and none too "weird" to throw you off and no solving problems as a group to demonstrate teamwork or anything like that (which I was afraid of!). In fact, I'd say we spent nearly as much time asking the interviewers questions as they did asking us, so have a few prepared! The student in the interview also asks and answers questions. There's no order in who answers questions, but everyone gets a chance to answer everything.
    If you have any other questions other than exactly what the questions they ask are, I'm more than happy to tell you as much as I can. Learning a little of what to expect before the interview started helped me a lot. Not knowing what you're walking into can be intimidating. Just make sure you behave the way you do in the interview throughout the whole day--I'd bet they check a little to see if interview behavior is just an act for anyone.
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    I feel like my interview went better than last time (I interviewed for accelerated January 2013). I think it only took a few weeks after the interview to get the letter by mail. Apparently, all the envelopes are thin, but they send a welcome packet for those accepted later.
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    I also interviewed previously for the accelerated January 2013 start, and I believe we got our letters 10-12 days after the interview. As for the June 2013 start, a nursing faculty in one of my sessions said they hoped to have decisions to us before Thanksgiving.
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    How soon do they post whether you've been accepted online? I will be going away for Thanksgiving and don't want to have to wait for the letter!!
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    I was turned down for the Spring 2013 start, and my online status never changed. It still says, to this day, "a decision will soon be made." So you can only rely on the letter as far as I know.
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    I wish we didn't have to wait for a letter! After the interview I felt pretty calm about waiting but as every day goes by I'm more nervous!
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    Ughh I know me too. Well, we should know within a week I guess!
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    Just wondering if anyone has heard anything yet. I am still (anxiously) waiting
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    Nope, haven't heard anything :/

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