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Just seeing who has applied to the CU Nursing traditional program for a summer 2013 start. Has anyone been asked for an interview yet? I haven't heard anything yet. Thanks! Shannon... Read More

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    I've been so worried ever since I saw through this thread that people have already received invitations to interview. I still haven't heard anything, and now am starting to fear the worst.

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    Is anyone else coming from out of town? Any recommendations on where to stay, what to do in Aurora? Thanks!
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    Has anyone gotten an "application denied" response? Does lack of an invitation to interview equal rejection? I'm starting to get the feeling "I'll get nothing and like it".
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    The original email about the interviews (before the invites were sent) said "Only applicants invited to the interview day will be considered further for admission." :/
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    Hi! I applied to the ABSN and received an interview invite for November 7th. I just received an email detailing interview day... Like a previous poster mentioned, it's a group interview, but with 5 applicants, a current student and one faculty member. It's scheduled for 50 minutes, followed by a mock lecture, tours, financial aid talk, etc.
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    I also just received my itinerary for interview day. Mine is November 8th. I'm so nervous and excited! I would love to know what they're going to ask us! Eeek!
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    I also got an interview. Hopefully I do a better job interviewing this time, or at least do well enough to get on the call list again. Good luck to everyone!
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    What is the "call list?"
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    It is basically the alternate list for that application period (in case everyone who was accepted does not attend).
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    Hi guys, was anyone at CU's interview day today? My interviewer and other applicants were unsure of when we would get accepted/alternate listed/denied. Does anyone know how long the wait might be before we find out? And they are going to email before sending a letter (if sending a letter at all), right?

    And how did everyone feel about interview day in general?

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